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  1. The minor doesn't need his mom's credit card he could just put money into one of thos visa gift card and ship it to a friends house
  2. Lilmopho

    I Quit Al Fakher

    QUOTE (joytron @ Nov 19 2009, 05:18 PM) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwlYo8EYTWI...player_embedded +1 lmfao
  3. I got one I havent heard so far Bulgarian I am fluent in English and Bulgarian , and i am working on Spanish, i could also speek some Russian
  4. Lilmopho

    Favorite Movie

    My favorite movie is Scareface, and notice all the tv related posts today... im wondering what movie to watch tonight while im smoking...
  5. Lilmopho

    Tron Legacy

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5y-7-Mt6uYk...feature=channel this movie looks pretty sick, and notice the hookahs 2:03 - 2:09 haha
  6. Lilmopho

    Fantasic Mr. Fox

    i wouldnt go to the theaters to see it but mabey when it comes out on DVD
  7. Lilmopho

    Shows I'm Addicted To...

    Entourage It's always sunny in philedelphia
  8. Lilmopho

    Looking For New Hookah

    i was looking at that one and i even added it to my cart at hookah shisha i choose the three hose tho and i got UPS Ground, Mya Gyro(3 hose), Six 250g jars of AF, Tangiers 250 all for $209 that is including everything shipping ,tax etc.
  9. QUOTE (Majid @ Nov 15 2009, 03:59 PM) Most gangster movies up to the late nineties. Especially Godfather 1/2/3 and Goodfellas. ooo yea
  10. Lilmopho

    Looking For New Hookah

    price range is 200 , and also tall
  11. Well I have a kahlil mamoon Anuket that i purchased from hookah shisha http://www.hookah-shisha.com/p-5247-anuket...oon-hookah.html but i am also looking at buying a new hookah i see that hookah john has some nice hookahs but i also have 32 dollar reward points at hookah shisha and when you add the hookah forum discount it adds up to alot, so yea can you guys post some links to some nice hookahs it doesnt have to be hookah shisha or hookah john
  12. Lilmopho

    Km Diffuser

    Nice work
  13. Lilmopho

    No More Tobacco At Mnh?

    My last purchase was from hookah shisha and everything was great