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  1. QUOTE (hshah @ Dec 22 2007, 03:04 PM) My Al Fakher Grape tastes pretty nasty too, and was made worse by the fact that I was sent two of those by mistake by AlFakherOnline (they missed out my orange) I had the same situation with AlFakherOnline sending me the wrong shisha. I emailed them and they sent me the corect flavor promptly and let me keep the other flavor as well. But yeah... I just had a bad batch of grape as well. Same smell and made me really sick.
  2. Steve.... no worries! I was able to smoke enough of it that I got my moneys worth in my opinion. I didn't mean to be critical of you or anything. I knew it was old when I bought it from you. Mine just didn't hold up and I had to toss it. We're square though, not to worry!
  3. Hmm. I ended up throwing mine out because it started tasting stale.
  4. 40 flavors!!!!!! I can't wait 'till they come!!!! Now I can smoke Al Fakher exclusively!!!!
  5. Oh lord now I'll wait 'till Saturday to tide me over!!!
  6. Oh, uh good deal! Didn't think it was working so I, uh signed up like 3 times! Hey, TX thanks for asking about the possibility of a discount code but even without one.... look at those prices!!!! I'm creamin' here! A built in discount already!!! I better go to bed. I'm getting wierd.
  7. Well... welcome! I tried to sign up for your mailing list but that feature on the website isn't working either. At any rate I'll call tomorrow to place a tide me over order until the new flavors come out. Thanks for making yourself known to us. Now I guess I can order with confidence.
  8. So, I talked to Al Fakher Online on the phone a few minutes ago. They of course claim to be for real. They said that the new flavors that Dr. Shisha spoke of will be on their site in the next few weeks or so. I was going to order 3 kilos from them but I'm going to dip my toe in and order a small amount to tide me over 'till the new flavors are out. I'll let you guys know how the deal goes. Mushrat, if you're reading this could you please list this site in the review section so that can I properly post my experience? Wish me luck. And OH YEAH, check out the hookahs on that site!!!!! I AM drooling!!!!
  9. Anyone ever bought from alfakheronline.com before? Their site claims that they're the only official internet retailer. So I go to order because they have sweet prices and their site isn't working properly. So I call and their telephone number is the same as their fax number. They call back while I'm at work. So I call again and get an answering machine that doesn't even state the company name! Anyways, I smell a fake. I'd appreciate some input about any dealings anyone may have had wth them. Thanks!
  10. C'mon people. Be nice. It was just a simple question.
  11. Too cool! I really hope you can get this to work out! No more carpet burns!
  12. QUOTE (OPR234 @ Feb 20 2007, 03:31 AM) QUOTE (cymptom @ Feb 20 2007, 02:48 AM) QUOTE (OPR234 @ Feb 20 2007, 02:01 AM) I'm one of the only Layalina haters around, but the flavors just dont seem right, they arent necessarily bad, but very inaccurate and simply awkward. The only decent flavors of theirs I've had are melon and jasmine, out of at least 8 other flavors. Al Waha is a good choice for beginners in my opinion, I'd choose Waha over Layalina any day.I agree -- I don't label most of my shisha tubs because I can recognize them by smell, but the 6 or so Layalina flavors I have are kinda indecipherable. If someone told me the watermelon was the blueberry and the blueberry was the watermelon, I might believe them. In my opinion, Layalina is a slight step up from Al Amir... and I don't hold Al Amir very high. All the flavors have a sort of generic sweetness to them -- too candy-like for my tastes... Thank you for confirming that I'm not crazy! The vanilla is the worst at that, it smells nothing remotely close to vanilla, doesnt taste anything like vanilla, but still is called vanilla. Even though Al Amir isnt that great, I'd still choose them over Layalina because their flavors are more accurate, they smell like the flavor they're meant to be, and I could enjoy certain flavors a lot more. But back on topic, I'd advise people against Layalina, from my experience it is NOT a reliable tobacco in terms of flavor. I agree with this as well. To me there's just something strange about the Laylina flavors. I always recommend Al Fakher as the most reliable brand, best bang for your buck.
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