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  1. QUOTE (liquidglass @ Aug 14 2008, 03:34 AM) These actually look really similar to the 'pharoh' hookah I have from HS.com, as far as the stem being mostly hollow, my guess is that they're very light weight and the welds aren't that wonderful.' Nothing personal, just my 2 cents plus in case I'm right I don't want anyone buying a hookah they won't be happy with. Thanks for your concern, however the welds on these hookahs are very tight and they are not Pharaoh from HS . I used the same brand hookahs at my previous hookah lounge and not one weld ever broke, and we definitely put them to the test because we used them for a whole year before changing them out. Thank you for the height suggestion, they are all 36". 2 cents are always appreciated!!!
  2. theirieway

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    QUOTE (NUBBS @ Jun 16 2008, 12:03 AM) How far is Hacienda from Anaheim? Hacienda Heights is about 20 mins from Anaheim. 2020 S. Hacienda Blvd. Hacienda Heights CA 91745 Check us out bro
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    QUOTE (fastback1 @ Jun 12 2008, 12:21 AM) Hey, I went to your hookah lounge last night to celebrate a friends birthday party. The atmosphere was better than most lounges I've been to. I enjoyed the variety of music being played in the beginning, but toward the end of the night, it was nothing but rap music. The mix of rock and hip hop was great though. I hate to admit, I was disappointed when I mentioned the hookahforum to one of the guys working there. He said he barely posted 2 days ago.... but it shows a posting date back in March?? Reading this forum, I understood that mentioning this site, I'd get a free bowl on the house?? I did not receive the complementary bowl, no big deal though. Overall the experience was cool, better than most lounges like i said. I'd recommend it to locals of hacienda heights. Glad you enjoyed. Yea, like mushrat said, you should have asked for me. If you come down again I'll let my employees know to hook you up. And i'll try to play less hip-hop for ya, LOL, we take requests so just let someone know what you want to hear and u got it!
  4. QUOTE (fineout @ Aug 14 2008, 02:41 AM) are those MZ's? they look a lot like them. They look like MZ's but they're not.
  5. What up Hookah Forum!! This listing is for a LOT of 20 Egyptian Hookahs. We recently decided to change out all of our hookahs to KM and need to sell our used inventory. These hookahs have been in use for 4 months and all are in great condition. Cleaned every day and polished weekly. Each hookah comes with a MYA hose, clay bowl, tongs, tray, all the necessary grommets and base protector. All 20 are blue, some solid, some with designs. These hookahs hit like a dream. All of the metal check valve balls have been removed and replaced with non rustable ( they wont eventually get stuck in your valve) silicon balls. It's basically like getting a brand new hookah because we have maintained them so well there is no left over tastes in the stems or hoses. If you live locally feel free to come down anytime between 6Pm and 12 on weekdays and 6Pm and 2AM on Friday and Saturday. Our business line is 626-961-6200. We are asking 40$ per hookah with accessories. We expect these hookahs to move pretty fast as we are going to be posting on other forums as well, so the price break for buying multiple will be slim. We decided to post them here first to give fellow hookahforumers the jump on this offer. Email me at rob@empirehookah.com if you have any questions. I understand that not everyone on this forum is from Cali so I'm willing to ship if necessary. Enjoy!!!! EmpirE HookaH We Smoke the Competition... Literally....
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    QUOTE (sars @ Mar 14 2008, 11:02 PM) Hey your website doesn't work? Our website redirects to our Myspace while it is being completed. Is that what you mean?
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    So wheres the best site to get a phunnel at? discount prices in bulk?
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    QUOTE (Zildjian @ Mar 14 2008, 04:41 AM) aaight ill suck it up, and try to get HS to price match. too bad they dont have a good coil burner, my first one blew up my new one is a POS I just ordered a 84 pc directly from coco-nara and it cost me 17.49 shipped to So. Cal... This is my first time trying these out. I've heard great things about these and if all goes well I plan on using them at my lounge. Also, we use a coil burner that I picked up from a local Rite-Aid, nothing fancy and works great.
  9. theirieway

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    Just joined... Located in Hacienda Heights.... Would like to offer my lounge as a meeting place if anyone is interested. Check out the spot HERE... PM me if you're interested in getting a meeting together RoB
  10. Hey All, My name is Rob and I just recently stumbled upon this forum while searching for opinions on exotica coals ( which I no longer hold as "quality" coals anymore) and thought it to be a very informative source. I previously owned a hookah bar in Uptown Whittier, California for 2 1/2 years which went very well until my landlord attempted to screw me over, so I packed up and left. I found a great new location 6 months later and decided to start over. This lounge is called Empire and we're located in Hacienda Heights, CA. We've been open for 3 months now and so far it has been great! We currently serve Layalina and Starbuzz, all flavors. I plan on adding many different brands and flavors (thats where hopefully hookahforum comes in ). I'll post some pics of the lounge in a bit but if you want to check us out go to http://www.empirehookah.net or http://www.facebook.com/pages/Hacienda-Hei...okah/5502904597. And since I think this forum is so great, if you're in the area and want to check us out, mention hookahforum.com and your first bowl is on me! The least I can do for this awesome site and it's members. Hope to learn more and contribute whatever I can! Rob