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  2. Coal Help

    Well me and all my friends have always just use quick light and delt with the horrible chemical taste. But with my new box of coco nara coals on the way i am very excited to use them. The only problem is i dont how to light them. See ever video i've seen uses a stove with coils but i have a flat top burner with no coals. it just heats up and is a flat surface. so i didnt know if i could put it on a frying or or something. Or my oven has a coil going around it. so i was thinking of putting the coal right up against it and heating the oven or should i put it on the metal try for cooking thing? Also i was thinkin of possiblt using a grill..? I am looking for the easier/faster way to light these bad boys. i might just go to walmart and buy a single coil burner but if i dont have to i really dont want to. so what do you think..? (any input would help)