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  1. cnygaard

    Alien Mini Phunnel Bowl

    I have the same color phunnel as Stuie... I posted in the Alien is here thread, but will go into more detail here. Got it for $18.99 introductory special price from HJ. Made it thru the hell of FedEx securely. Upon first inspection, I found that the bottom opening of the bowl was VERY wide, and then gets very small, smaller than my tangiers phunnel. To get it to seal properly on my KM, a mod grommet was used. Packing? This is an EXTREMELY shallow bowl. When I was prepping my first Tangiers bowl, I had to grab smaller bits of tobacco than I'm used to. Packed tight tangiers style to the rim of the bowl. Used around 12g of shisha, so much less than my small phunnel. This bowl does not take much!! For mixing flavors, it will be easier to get a paper towel and mix a small amount of each flavor together on it, instead of trying to do it on the bowl. So far have only smoked Tangiers out of it, and my first bowl lasted 1hr and 15min (lucid orange soda), and the bowl wasnt even fully cached then. I used a total of 4 CH QL coals (two per round) and a windcover. The windcover made the smoke a bit "hotter" than I'm used to, but the windcover was necessary since it was a windy day outside. Typically, I wouldn't put the windcover on until the first round of coals is starting to die. Overall, this bowl performed better than I thought it would. For poor college students who have expensive tastes in shisha, this bowl is perfect. 8/10 docked 2 because of sensitivity to heat, and mod grommet requirement.
  2. cnygaard

    Got The Alien!

    Got my froth green alien phunnel in. Had to use a mod grommet with my KM Double Tri to get a better seal. Smoked some Lucid Orange Soda for about an hr and 15 minutes. Using two CH QL coals and a windcover, had good results. My only complaint would be that the smoke seems "hotter" than in my small phunnel, but I attribute that to the windcover (it was extremely windy outside today, so i couldn't take it off without killing the coals very quickly). Uses about 10 - 15g of shisha max. I will need to try the bowl indoors without a windcover to see if I get better results. Worth a buy for Tangiers smokers who don't have the time to let a small phunnel cache out every night (we've had one go 4 hrs, crazy).
  3. cnygaard

    Mizo Mint Or Mizo Gum

    I've had all three, and ended up ultimately going back to AF mint as my main mixer. Mizo Gum is a great flavor by itself, but I don't like the taste of the Mizo mint as much as I enjoy AF. I keep mizo gum and AF mint in stock now.
  4. I ended up going to the Argila Hookah Lounge in Morton Grove. It used to be a Dhuwan location, thats what Google Maps said it was. It was a real chill place, had a couple tvs on with family guy, and there were only a few other people there. They served Layalina, Golden Layalina, Starbuzz and had a bunch of house blends. They used MYA hookahs, and brought the tongs with the hookah to you so you can tend it on your own. Timely on charcoal replacement as well, they used some knock-off 3 kings style coals. Not a bad place for a hookah lounge, very relaxed.
  5. Hey... I'm in town for an internship interview that takes place tomorrow in Northbrook, IL and wouldn't mind going to a hookah lounge. Any of you in the Chicago area have any recommendations?
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rGT8i7CzFUU Check it out! Looks to be a decent product. Thoughts?
  7. Mizo Watermelon. om nom nom
  8. the egyptian serves skyzz, layalina and golden layalina... not sure what Hookah! serves, but i'm not too impressed with their service. If you want to go to a lounge, the egyptian is where to go. i'm down for whatever. haha
  9. I'm at Purdue West Lafayette... bit a drive for ya but you're welcome to come chill if you want.
  10. cnygaard

    My First Hookah Expliation

    Reminds me of a time over the summer when I brought my hookah to a friends place. We were smoking outside and my buddy's parents came out. They ended up sitting with us and tried out a nice mix of lemon and mint. would have never thought them to be open to the idea of hookah.
  11. cnygaard

    A Shout Out

    Nakhla is at Amused now?!??! That's awesome! Do they carry the Mizo line too? I'll talk with the owner about getting CHQLs there too!
  12. cnygaard

    Issues With Mizo Grape?

    I'm not a huge fan of Mizo Grape without some AF Mint or Mizo Gum mixed in. Don't like the flavor of it by itself. tastes great with mint tho!
  13. cnygaard

    Nak Da > Af Da

    I will add to Stuie's comment that I was surprised it was dyed red as well. Is there any rhyme or reason to this? Most all of the other Nakhla I've gotten (except Mizo grape) has been a goldish color.
  14. So back before I knew much about hookah, a guy at a lounge in Indy suggested getting double apple. turns out they carried the AF version. After getting over the anise flavor, I ended up liking it a good bit. Now that I have become accustomed to Nakhla, I decdied to order a jar of Nak DA from HookahJohn. I must say it is miles better than the AF version. The anise is more of an undertone and the apple part of the flavor is much stronger. It's become my go to DA flavor. Also tried out a vortex bowl for the first time. Not as impressed as with the phunnel on my first attempt packing it, but I like the idea of using less shisha. So if you're on the fence of what kind of double apple to get, go with the Nakhla in a jar. Can't go wrong!!
  15. None of the lounges I have been to have allowed outside hookahs to be brought in to smoke. I am friends with the owner of a lounge on the north side of Indianapolis who would let me bring my own tobacco in if I wanted to, and if I asked would let me bring my hookah in, would possibly allow it on an occasion. That place is REAL chill though. It's in the space of a former starbucks and they serve coffee and pastries with hookah. He's from Syria and knows his shit. makes his own shisha right there in the shop, he's showed it to me. The other lounges in our area have more of a party atmosphere, one even attempts to be a club of sorts, my friends avoid those places because we know and prepare a better hookah than they do. Bringing your own hookah in seems kind of pointless and defeats the purpose of those kind of lounges. The type of ppl that would bring their own hookah into a lounge and set it up to smoke, don't really want to go to the lounge in the first place. Ever since I gained the knowledge by prowling the boards, I've stopped by our tolerable local lounge twice and only because friends dragged me along. A discount card for frequent visitors, however, is a great idea and something that isn't offered in my area. would have come in handy last year!