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  1. QUOTE (Sonthert)...besides, I think the scientologists know their religion is a bunch of hocum, whereas the christians have deluded themselves into believing this fantastic tale about a god and Jesus. This man talks sense! QUOTE While I admit that there is no proof for Christianity, to compare it to a passing fad cult is insulting to the religion and ignorant to the contributions that Christianity brought to Western and world culture.   What's that then? war? greed? torture? hate? child molestation? What about what Christianity has actively contributed to? AIDs? Scientology is no more or less valid than Christianity or any other, theistic religion. The fact that people have killed in the name of Chritianity detracts from it's validity in relation to Scientology. There's a great quote somewhere, building on Russell's idea of the flying teapot, I must dig it out!
  2. A solution of baking soda and water would pretty work well; not soaking in wtaer then leaving in a box of bicarb'.
  3. [quote name='cymptom'] It's kinda hilarious that you (King) have a few times mentioned education in connection with your argument, as the type of argument you make has absolutely no place in contemporary academia. You keep talking about facts, so okay... lets talk about facts. In Arabic, "m3assal" refers to hookah tobacco. In Europe, "shisha" refers to the pipe. In the US, "shisha" refers to hookah tobacco. Those are facts (for now.) But the "fact" you want to argue is that when referring to hookah tobacco in any context, using the term "shisha" is WRONG. Do you actually believe that this is a FACT?   You seemed reluctant to actually engage the main points I tried to make in the first thread, aside from the side note about your "posting style" and motivations to which you simply responded "Nut-uh!", so I'll reiterate a bit: If you refer to hookah tobacco as "m3assal" in the US, it's very likely you will not be understood. Those who understand "shisha" as referring to the pipe and "m3assal" as referring to the tobacco have likely done some investigation of the hookah as a cultural item, but these people are not necessarily the "right" ones. [b]It is not "wrong" to smoke hookah in ignorance of its cultural origins. [/b]You can't simply declare that "m3assal" is the "correct" term for the tobacco just because hookah smoking is largely a product of Arabic cultures... there are no such universalities in reality, and arguing otherwise makes you look like a supremacist (though I'm not saying that's the case.)   As for your motivations, just let me ask this: What is the point of arguing over the correctness of one term over the other even when the terms you argue against already have widely established connotations in the US? Both sides of terms have their respective "correctness" within their respective contexts. If an American goes abroad, he/she should be informed about the differences in terminology... but really, why would you take these socio-linguistic differences and call one side right and one wrong? You mention attacks on the "fabric of language" -- do I need to be the one to tell you that language is not a set of constant, absolute signs?[/quote] I was going to reply, but as soon as I saw this... there would be no point, cymptom has made my points better than I could
  4. Damn, never knew there was an online store so near here that was so well stocked, time to experiment with different carts ....
  5. Maybe a mixture of normal and obscure flavours so you can see how it matches up in the 2 Apple, Strawberry, Melon, Lemon or Mint arena with teh 'best of the rest' but also maybe try some more exotic flavours like Blueberry, Pear, Jasmine Fig, Pomegranate or Kiwi. Perhaps a 2 + 3 mixture of standard and exotic flavours will give you an idea of how Layalina stands compared to Nahkla, AW, AA, AF, Tangiers or Starbuzz through the standard flavours but let you try something new that you probably won't experiance from any other brand.
  6. I'm afraid not, sorry. But surely if you give them a call they'll prob' be able to sort an order out on a pink one, after all they're the manufacturers.
  7. tw!sted


    From what I understand Jap' coals are the silver coloured finger type coals, whereas 3 Kings are the quicklight style [quote]Japanese Charcoal: Characterized by their tablet form and silver coating, these charcoals get their name because they originated in Japan and until recently was exclusively manufactured there. Japanese made charcoals are still among the best quality charcoals available and are quite expensive. As such, recently new brands from China such as Easy Lite have sprung up at a fraction of the original Japanese charcoal prices.   Quick Light Charcoal: The most commonly used type of hookah charcoal in America. Quick-light charcoals such as Three Kings are enormously popular due to their high quality and ease of use. These charcoals are characterized by being very easy to light needing only a match and can be ready for use in under a minute. While lighting, these charcoal will give off an unpleasant smell and smoke, so they should always be lit in a well ventilated area or preferably outside. Once fully lit, the charcoal burns without noticeable flavor or taste.[/quote]
  8. Oh, that's a disappointment to say the least, I love the looks of both the Abyss and Ebony Tower Hookahs on there, but I don't really want to compromise on quality just for how it looks. I've checked out a couple of other US sites but no hookahs on there really took my eye and, overall, H-S was the most visually and functionally impressive website. Back to the drawing board... thanks for your help. RE the conservation bowl, the idea of a 30 Minute bowl just appealled to me, I plan on smoking mainly when watching films at home, having a 30 Minute bowl means I would be able to have 2/3 different flavours within my 'time window'
  9. Ok, having looked on various websites I have decided to order Stateside, adjudging that it's better to pay more on postage to get a bigger range of products available and pay less for them but I have a few questions first: I've heard conflicting stories about Hookah-Shishas hookahs, some say they are cheap, knock-off versions of Myas and Staargates, however some say that they are genuine merchandise just renamed: Staargates become 'Stratus', and QT becomes 'Ebony'. Which is it? Also, I've put together what I want into the cart, hoping to calculate shipping with the 'estimate-r' but it isn't working does anyone know who they ship with? So i can maybe use their website to give me a shipping cost based on weight (17lb 7oz) They say they mark their packages as GIFT on international orders, is this adequete to get around paying a) VAT @ 17.5% and, import tax and 6%? As I don't want to be stung with that when it lands. The package I've put together includes: A Black 1 Hose Abyss 250g of Romman Sweet Melon " " Mango AW Super Pack (x3 250g): Vanilla, Pineapple & Bounty 10 Rolls of 3 Kings Coals A Dark Turquoise Conservation Bowl Gunmetal Black Taj Windcover Included with the Hookah itself are: The Romman Shisha Tongs Bowl Screen Washable Hose Filters Carry Case Base Protecter 20 Coals Cleaning Rod All for $161 ~ £85 excluding S&H and taxes (if it comes to that) which is an awesome price if indeed it is a Mya hookah. Any help is appriciated, tw!sted / Mike
  10. tw!sted

    'Ey Up

    Hi, Firstly I'd like to thank EvansLight for helping me get registered (the confirmation codes didn't seem to like me for some reason). I'm very new to the hookah scene but having recently read a thread on PbNation I wondered what shisha smoking was all about and on my first google, I found my way here. I've also discovered we have 2 lounges/bars in Leeds, which is a bonus! Needless to say I've done my research and it is definately a scene that I am interested in being a part of because of it's laid back and social nature. Any way, I'm here now, always on the look out for any sort of hints, tips, or recommendations of good flavours (i'm very much a cinamon/vanilla type of guy but am willing to try anything once) Currently I'm eyeing up a Hookah from hookah-shisha.com but have been told conflicting things about their stock, some say they are sub-standard copies of Mya pipes, others say they ARE Mya hookahs simply listed under different names, can anyone clear this up as a preliminary question?