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  1. nile_lata

    On The Hunt For Some Peach

    The cut looks like Al Fakher or Layalina. Try those brands. It's not drippy enough to be Starbuzz IMO.
  2. nile_lata

    Top Five Flavors

    <<<*tried not to add SB Blue Mist, since I've YET TO meet a person who didn't have that one in their top 5 .. lol>>>>
  3. nile_lata

    Top Five Flavors

    1.) Rosetta Cinnamon Apple Clove 2.) Jewels Banana 3.) Starbuzz Pink 4.) Layalina Black Grape 5.) Al Amir Orange *tried not to add SB Blue Mist, since I've met a person who didn't have that one in their top 5 .. lol
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    Hookah lineup

    Hookah lineup

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    2-Hose Hookah 2/2

    2-Hose Hookah 2/2

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    2-Hose Hookah 1/2

    2-Hose Hookah 1/2

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    1L Gatorade Bottle (HoboHookah)

    1L Gatorade Bottle (HoboHookah)

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  9. I'm down. As long as it's on a Sat-Sun, I'm there. Jes' (240) 412-1740
  10. nile_lata


    Nakhla Sheherazade CARDAMOM 0.5% Nicotine, 0% Tar FYI: Cardamom is an NHT (Non-Hookah Tobacco) used in Indian cuisine & medicine. Appearance & Cut: chunky and slightly-moist - like raisins. Smell: medicinal w/ a minty undertone. I immediately thought of Mentholatum Base Liquid: Ice water. Clouds: great clouds once it gets going. Taste: Like ginger or eucalyptus. Buzz: slight calming effect, but no buzz/headache. Purchased from: Afghan International Market. $5 for 250g. Duration: I have 2 Three Kings coals on a large Havana Phunnel bowl and with proper heat management, can stretch a session to 1 1/2 hour - 2 hours. This shisha in particular takes heat pretty well! In conclusion: This is what you'd buy when you're bored of candy & fruity shisha and want to rock it OL' SKOOL. The ginger and lemony taste made me feel like I was smoking a cup of tea... an excellent after-dinner shisha. I rate it an 8/10 for the feel on the palate and gentleness on the lungs. Plus, at 5 or 6 bucks, you can't afford not to try it.
  11. nile_lata

    Code 69

    Starbuzz Exotic Code 69 0.05% Nicotine, 0% Tar Appearance & Cut: red & juicy; typical SB cut - few stems. Smell: reminds me of Mountain Dew Code Red or Rock Creek Tahitian Treat - carbonated fruit punch flavor. Mountain Dew Code Red might be the basis of naming it "Code" 69. Base Liquid: Ice water. I don't recommend adding and juice or soda to the base b/c the shisha is already sweet enough. TRUST ME ON THIS. Clouds: not the most I've seen w/ SB, but a good amount to satisfy the smoker. Taste: tastes like it smells Buzz: little to none Purchased from: Afghan International Market. $17 for 250g.. !! Duration: I have 2 Three Kings coals on a large Havana Phunnel bowl and with proper heat management, stretched the session out to 2 hours. That's just with rotating the coals around the bowl. In conclusion: Try this flavor if you love red fruit punch, but stay away from it if you hate red dye. Some ppl. don't like a sugary sweet shisha, but I do, so I'll give it a 9/10 for the smell/taste and for the price I got it for.
  12. nile_lata

    Washington Dc Smokers

    Waldorf, MD.. but DC is doable for me. Let's meet up!
  13. nile_lata

    Virginia Smokers Va

    I'm from Waldorf, MD.. but I have a car, so NoVA is no problem. Let's meet up for some hookah!