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  1. Venger

    What Are You Vaping Right Now?

    vintage vapors zombie "decay" creme de menthe with lime.
  2. Venger

    Say Hello To My Son...

    welcome to the planet
  3. Venger

    Well Hello Hf, Long Time No Talk. :)

    hey Dave,I am still around but mostly vape. I do peek in here from time to time. Ray
  4. Same thing is happening to me. I started vaping about 6 years ago to get of cigarettes but still smoked hookah about 2 hours a day. Now if I break out my rig once a month thats a lot. Vaping is so much more convienant. I don't know if I feel better but it is so much less hassle. Also like wade I hit the top of the hookah game and found no where else to go. Vaping allows me to play with liquids and create my own flavors. E-juice is easier to find and wrapping my own coils has me fine tuning my vape all the time. I still enjoy both but I am about 90/10 vape to hookah now.still love chatting in here when time permits. Ray.
  5. Venger

    Guess Who's Gonna Be A Daddy...

    what fantastic news.
  6. Venger

    What Are You Vaping Right Now?

    Vintage vapors serenity (earl grey w/honey) 24 mg vintage vapor firefly (cinnimon/spearment) 24 mg Mountain oak vapors cool berry (menthol berry) 24 mg these are the top three but like my hookah tobbacco it is just a few of many. Ray
  7. Venger

    Rebuilding Your Coils

    I have rebuilt mine a couple of times.It is very easy and VERY CHEAP. Ray
  8. Venger

    Where To Get Juice?

    mountain oak vapors and vintage vapes both made in chattanooga and have brick and mortor here in knoxville. Ray
  9. Venger


    check,check,one two,one two, check.(tap tap tap) is this thing on?
  10. Venger

    Vape Roll Call

    current set up is the itaste mvp and the new rebuildable duel coil scar. Also mixing my own juices. I buy a premixed base 50/50 24 mg then mix it with flovorings and VG to get the balance just right Ray
  11. Venger

    Vape Roll Call

    current set up is the itaste mvp and the new rebuildable duel coil scar. Also mixing my own juices. I buy a premixed base 50/50 24 mg then mix it with flovorings and VG to get the balance just right Ray
  12. Venger

    Addiction And Alcoholism

    been sober since July 2,2013 struggled with booze for awhile. AA has been a huge help. hard to do it on your own. good luck.
  13. Venger


    The Vamo is the light sabre of e-cigs.Very nice indeed.
  14. Venger


    CE5 should work nicely for you. I just bought the vivi-nova mini and MVP itaste. About as close to hookah as an e-cig gets.
  15. you have got to be insane to live here. They all float down here.
  16. Gotham city, New Mecca,and Rapture. (batman,riddick,and bioshock)
  17. corn on the cob holder. pokes 2 holes at once.I am really lazy.
  18. Venger


    Don't give up on vaping because you haven't found the right set up.Like hookah there are good rigs and bad. Cig-a-likes with cartos suck, plain and simple (think pumpkin hookah yeah they work but?) ego with a vision clearomizer is a good set up.feels like real smoking. As far as good menthol mint just like shisha you need to try different brands. I make my own with 12 mg flovorless base and lorannes creme de menth. Cool,minty,with a hint of vanilla. I smoked a pack of menthol kools a day since I was 16 years old and haven't touched a cigarette in 4 years.
  19. Venger

    Why Do We Do That?

    According to my wife the ladies restroom is far worse than the mens because a  lot of women will not sit on the seat so the "hover" or squat over the seat and try to aim. That stuff flies everywhere. Also the ladies room is where kids get taken into. Little boys hosing down the seat and walls and little girls sqatting and trying to aim with out the proper "equipment" Ray
  20. Venger

    Straight Razor Shaving

    I use both a straight razor (mostly on the weekend when I can take the time) and a SINGLE blade desposible cheap as you can get (because I use them once then off they go) I don't mess with a brush and lather as I find gels easier to use and gentler on my skin. hardest thing is keeping the damn thing sharp enough not to grab skin.
  21. Venger

    Hf Nak Cardamom Club

    One of my all time favs. It is a must have in my stash at all times.
  22. Venger

    Knoxville Vape Meet

    we are looking at getting together for a vape meet March 24. PM me for details.  
  23. Venger

    My Rant

    I think what we have here is "human nature" how many people have you talked to that have said FORD = found on road dead. Some people will only by Heintz Ketchup (not catsup) we alway think what we like is the best and others be damned if they disagree. This is not unique to hookah. The best we can do is make people feel at home,give them as much insight as we can based on our expieriance and be respectful of opinions other than our own. I took a lot of flack for liking the mya standard bowl and not jumping on the phunnel band wagon but then I got to thinking who is smoking my hookah...thats right ME and I am the only one that matters at that point. As long as opinion isn't stated as fact and we are kind I think we can all get along. Ray
  24. Venger

    Specially For You Hass ;)

    those guys are having too much fun. If they had a fiddle player they could be a Tennessee bluegrass band. +1