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    Crownhookahs.com Reviews

    11/10 from me All glass hookah is quite awesome(and packed/protected better than a football player)..not to mention this mouthpiece i ordered a few weeks ago...3 thumbs up!
  2. Here it is, 98% glass(counting the base grommet) but 110% awesome! You'll have to pardon the bad quality pics..had to use my camera on my phone since I can't locate the real one..hopefully have some better pics later.. [attachment=4796:mms_picture.jpg] [attachment=4799:Hose.jpg] [attachment=4797:mms_picture(2).jpg] ^lovin the purge valve design^ Also the whole thing disassembles, including the downstem, and yet it seals perfectly. Worth it? Yes. [attachment=4800:0401101315.jpg] Also the coals do sit on the tray without breaking..though admittedly it's a tad small when u put a tangiers phunnel on top...works great with the glass one though! Gotta say to santino/poncho...good work now when do i get a new pair of shorts for the ones i ruined when it got here yesterday, lol.
  3. works well with the wet shishas..AF and starbuzz would be under that list i suppose.. only one it doesn't seem to work well with for me is OG nakhla..yet for some reason it works in my glass one o well
  4. i've gotten OG close..still working through a pack of new lime..still has a bit of a tickle and the flavors a bit weak(course spring just hit, which up here in IL is a huge change in humidity)..but im gettin there. and yeah the lucid is pretty much identical..just no buzz
  5. Pretender85

    New Pride And Joy

    bout 350 shipped i believe was the total..figured it'd make a nice self present though..and I like the design..but then again I'm not a huge fan of the modern models
  6. Pretender85

    Guess What?

    I just wish i had an ed hardy tshirt, hookah, and a pack of the shisha...was going to take a self photo wearing the shirt next to the hookah and shisha while fistpumping
  7. Pretender85

    New Pride And Joy

    Lol, that bww glass was the thing i won instead of a 40" flatscreen stupid wheel. And yeah the whole shattering thing..the base is uber heavy though..almost impossible to tip it over
  8. Pretender85

    Nakhla Tubs

    haven't gotten that far yet...i have 2 tubs of mizo orange and watermelon..ironically i got 2 ziploc bags with mizo orange and melon..so i just tossed them in there
  9. that initial post made me laugh hard enough to squirt redbull outta my nose this morning..that hurt lol..so who all is gonna start stockin that high quality h-h brand?
  10. Pretender85

    Spare Shisha Fs

    K, so I have the following as I am trying to clean up my stash a bit: 250g(unopened) box of AF Mango - $10 And about 210g of Nak DApple - $6 Or if you want the whole pile(which is far easier for me) I'll give it up for $15(plus a freebie 50g box of AF grenadine) ..plus about $5 for shipping of course. Edit: I also found an opened pack of Al-Waha Noamani(mixed fruit sort of thing) that has about 150-200g left in it as well that I'll toss in for free..not particularly fond of it myself..but I'm tossing it out otherwise
  11. Pretender85

    Spare Shisha Fs

    Already headin out the door.. Completed..close it
  12. Pretender85

    Hookah Time Cafe

    The "regular" shisha was layalina..and the orange/mint we had wasn't "bad"..but it barely lasted 20 minutes..and we had to PAY for a refill...ugh. And as mentioned above it smelled like burnt crap This place gets a 0/5 from me.
  13. Pretender85

    Dehydrated From Smoking

    hookah with a healthy amount of tea/water right after a good dinner = you just won at life.
  14. its the one mizo flavor they could make that would top the orange..in my personal opinion of course ..seeing as a bacon flavor is nowhere in the near future..
  15. Pretender85


    love romman..I just wish it wasn't so bloody expensive
  16. Pretender85

    New Coconaras!

    hm..wont be seeing these for a little while yet..already ordered a box of CH nats..sounds like the cutting in half would be a pain tho..seeing as i bought a pipecutter just for the flatter ones they used to have.
  17. Pretender85

    Bad Mixes

    How exactly do people know what butthole tastes like..? lol..I just have trouble mixing nak mizo guava with almost anything except the watermelon...with anything else it tastes like failure.
  18. Pretender85

    New Crown Hookah Hookahs!

    Very tempting..but I get that gut feeling the pricetag is going to make part of me(and my credit card) die inside..lol
  19. Pretender85

    Shisha Flavor Pipe Dreams

    I have to agree with the above and say Bacon flavor.
  20. cast iron? damn...not only a durable hookah, but it would also be a great thwacking tool if someone breaks into your house...lol
  21. Pretender85


    I'll vouch for this..HD foil is multiple times better than say...walmart brand foil it was like using single ply TP vs triple ply during a ring of fire incident.
  22. Pretender85

    My New Homemade Hose!

    I like that black one..wouldn't mind putting together something like that with some kind of silver thread/yarn laced into it..but im lazy
  23. If I could get tangiers to acclimate right it would be the new lime flavor..since the one time i got it to work it was amazing..but currently my end all be all would be Mizo orange. That's one I'll never be short on
  24. Pretender85

    Minnesota Hookah?

    santino has a line of glass phunnels comin out soonish anyway over on crownhookahs.com ..mnhookah never responds from everything ive seen recently, yet their site is STILL up.........lol. took them nearly 4.5 weeks to get me my mini glass phunnel last year
  25. i just toss them in the trap in the sink and turn the faucet on for a bit..then throw them out..too lazy to run up the stairs and outside to toss them in the snow