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  1. gotta find a shallow container to throw it and as much of the juice as u can squeeze out of the package into...let it sit open for 4 hours, then lid it and toss it in a cabinet or s'thing for 20 hours..if it doesn't smell like soy sauce or crap after that you're probably good to go...worked for me so far
  2. from reading it that sounds right..so you'd be fine if you don't order in large quantities basically..
  3. Yeh, no offense meant..but not many good specials on johns tempted to spring for that windcover..but besides that, hangin on til friday to see what else comes up
  4. mm..best kind of turkey..a drunk one liquefied into a bottle
  5. too bad i missed this i like being a test subject lol
  6. bit too pricey for my blood..otherwise i might've sprung for one off of santino's new site
  7. might want to sit through a meteo course sometime and look at the temperature trend pared up against the industrial revolutions increase over the last 100 years...while it isn't a guarantee that we are the sole reason for the climate change, evidence suggests we may have played a role in it...the reason people are panicking about it now is because it's likely still reversible. anyone who thinks its a scam to save oil is dreaming something silly no offense..but yeah, it could verily be a natural thing and we had no part in causing the planet to warm up...but what if we did, and we find this out 30 years later when it's too late? At least if we work at it now we can say we tried while it's easier to fix, even if it isn't the real problem. And yeah we have our lives here now(so who cares?), but what about your kids, grandkids, etc?
  8. yeah those all glass ones kind of make the pants a bit tight..and they'd never rust..so long as u don't constantly put the thing in danger of breakage
  9. yeah i have a mini with the scalli and i can't get tangiers to work for crap in it..going to give it a go in my new bowl when i get back to school..since i couldn't bring the tangiers home. If anyone is looking for a MNH mini w/ scalli id happily trade it though
  10. another big pile of stuff id never buy...hoping the black friday deals look better
  11. Probably buy a custom all glass hookah if i had the money
  12. aww..we had a bunch of those at my old job..used them to cut heavy duty cable..brilliant!
  13. used to smoke AF all the time..was alright..joined this forum and discovered the true joys of nak/mizo/tangiers lol
  14. probably packing issue..though im also wondering on this topic..what's the "easiest" way to split these friggen things in half?
  15. done it before in the kitchen(which i clean the floors 2-3 times a week)..dunno if id use it if it fell on the carpet though
  16. mizo may be my new favorite..huge clouds and good flavor and a decent buzz..they aren't tangiers nuke clouds, but they can get pretty close.
  17. plus you still "can" get glass scallis covers and bowls from them, just takes a good 3 weeks to get made and shipped
  18. That's an amusing pic..kinda sad though..up here in Illinois they put that ban down, but made an exemption for hookah bars I think..because the one over in the next town is an alcohol/food/hookah bar and they are still open.
  19. 1. h-h 2. starbuzz...same price as romman and far too fruity 3. regular layalina..bleh. their golden line isn't too terribad though..I just can't get the regular to work properly. honorary mention: nakhla..don't get me wrong, if I'm in the mood to get buzzed til I can't think straight this stuff works..but for normal days..not so much.
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