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  1. ach...and of course i just ordered a new small phunnel..o well. excuse to pick up more tangiers too
  2. walmart..the gladware shown above works....or if you're picky they have packs of like 20 mason glass jars for pretty cheap as well
  3. gotta admit, the turkish hookahs look cool...was hoping to try that tobacco too but the site isn't showing any available anymore yall mustve cleaned them out! lol
  4. happy birthday! I agree with the above comment..been trying to draw my gf into the darkside with me but she still refuses to even touch the hookah lol.
  5. I always change it, last time I left it without changing it for about a week(used it 4 times or so) the water had quite the nasty odor to it...took a few washes to get the smell out.
  6. lol at the pic...and yeah always get a little smoke out of the bowl..which i assume is the remaining stem smoke rising back up, now if the bowl looks like that one..............
  7. 3 thumbs up from me...if I had a third thumb
  8. yeah my mom would be more mad that I own/smoke a hookah and belong to a forum of people that enjoy this habit than she would of things that come out of my mouth/fingers via keyboard. Also HAH to the bug one
  9. I have one narbish and it has been solid so far..I also have 2 nammors, one is falling apart because I didn't learn to not run hot water through it til I got the 2nd one lol.
  10. [quote name='mavsfan31' date='22 February 2010 - 11:08 PM' timestamp='1266905321' post='453042'] The problem is that I was smoking it. I might try to appeal it, not too sure yet. [/quote] you're boned. wait til the end of the year prolly and see.
  11. [quote name='Stuie' date='17 February 2010 - 02:13 PM' timestamp='1266441227' post='451963'] I have packed and prepped a bowl and got coals lit only to realize... i didn't put any water in the base. [/quote] was going to say that lol...followed by a 2 minute coughing fit from the raw smoke.
  12. I wouldn't think itd be bad just to chew on the stems..and yeah, ive tried the juices before and been fine..never tried eating the tobacco though...lol
  13. gold line isn't really any better than their regular line..just with more dye
  14. [quote name='ih303' date='11 February 2010 - 07:42 AM' timestamp='1265899370' post='450922'] So far, here's what's topping the chart. Starting with the most popular - Tangiers, Nakhla, AF, Starbuzz, Layalina, Romman. Does this look like a good selection? Would I be covering all my bases with these? Let's see, we have cheap vs expensive, natural vs artificial, washed vs unwashed, high quality vs low quality, am I missing anything? [/quote] looks like a good list to me..I could live off of those 6 for the rest of my days
  15. I thought romman was "technically" unwashed as it says 0.5% on the can instead of 0.05..but anyone is more than welcome to disagree with me on that. I get a good buzz off of it usually when I dig it out from behind all the nak lol
  16. [quote name='ih303' date='10 February 2010 - 06:08 AM' timestamp='1265807333' post='450750'] I am completely surprised by the number of votes for Layalina! I haven't smoked the stuff in a very long time. Perhaps I should try it again given the positive response observed here. Keep up the feedback, folks. Remember, I have business partners I have to sell my decision to. [/quote] Yeah Layalina's not bad...given I would never take it over Nak or Tangiers ever..but it's down there on the backup list with romman for me, gets good clouds and tastes decent(usually)
  17. [quote name='LZ22' date='10 February 2010 - 04:14 PM' timestamp='1265843649' post='450828'] [quote name='Sonthert' date='29 January 2010 - 07:38 PM' timestamp='1264815517' post='448472'] Yeah, I was thinking about the way they attribute cancer and heart disease to smoking. If you smoke and you get cancer, they attribute it to smoking. My understanding is that they count it. Second hand smoke is particularly funny, if you get cancer and you live with someone that smokes, that counts for second hand smoke cancer. In terms, the cancer rate for non-smokers is 10:1000000. The cancer rate for second hand smokers is 12.5:1000000...if we subtract (which they never do), that means that second hand smoke (if the results are statistically significant to begin with) cause about 2.5 cases of cancer per million people...or 750 people in the U.S. These types of results are claimed to be, by critics as being unsubstantial or insignificant...chance fluctuations in cancer rates could account for these differences. I've seen that study before...I liked it. I don't know how accurate it is...but it does seem to be a strong voice opposing the WHO and the Medical Community. [/quote] Speaking of second hand smoke, watch out for third hand smoke! [url="http://www.examiner.com/x-11804-Health-Care-Examiner%7Ey2010m2d10-Study-reveals-third-hand-smoke-is-a-major-health-hazard"]http://www.examiner....r-health-hazard[/url] Oh no the cancer latches onto the carpet and waits to kill our babies! [/quote] Yeah I saw that report....even for anti smoking campaigns that study is a bit of a reach.....
  18. only thing id dump a lot for(more than 100) is an all glass with a good stand on the bottom..just because it would never rust and looks cool
  19. 1st person to vote for HH should be slapped
  20. [quote name='Amn_sinclair' date='09 February 2010 - 11:48 AM' timestamp='1265741327' post='450587'] #1 - The first rule ofhookah forum is, you do not talk about hookah forum. #2 - The second rule of hookah forum is, you DO NOT talk about hookah forum. #3 - If someone says stop, goes limp, taps out, the session is over. #4 - Two guys to a hose. #5 - One bowl at a time. #6 - No shirts, no shoes.(pants optional) #7 - bowls will go on as long as they have to. #8 - If this is your first night at hookah forum, you have to POST! [/quote] Misread #4..the first time I thought it said "Two guys One hose" ..take that as you will lol
  21. K, so I have the following as I am trying to clean up my stash a bit: 250g(unopened) box of AF Mango - $10 And about 210g of Nak DApple - $6 Or if you want the whole pile(which is far easier for me) I'll give it up for $15(plus a freebie 50g box of AF grenadine) ..plus about $5 for shipping of course. Edit: I also found an opened pack of Al-Waha Noamani(mixed fruit sort of thing) that has about 150-200g left in it as well that I'll toss in for free..not particularly fond of it myself..but I'm tossing it out otherwise
  22. They look freaking awesome..but as I just invested in a pair of nammor hoses..I think I'll have to wait
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