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    Does Usps Always Do This?

    I hear they fail pretty hard at their tracking system..My glass bowl from mnhookah shipped out last friday, and it hasn't even shown up on their tracking page yet..knowing them, it'll show up today or monday as a complete surprise lol..as tarik finally emailed me back saying he dropped it off.
  2. Pretender85

    Mnhookah Still Having Issues?

    Ah well, it's still a really cool bowl and I can't find anything quite like it anywhere else...hopefully they'll get their business organized before I need another one. lol
  3. Ordered a mini glass phunnel and scalli about 2 weeks ago, my card was charged and whatnot, but I haven't heard a peep from them since..I read back on here and saw something about a restaurant and moving and whatnot..I'm just wondering if anyone else has been waiting recently as well. I just emailed Tarik today to check in on it..hoping to hear back by the end of the week.
  4. Pretender85

    Mnhookah Still Having Issues?

    Haven't received it yet...though they updated the online order to say shipped back on thursday last week..but the tracking # isn't bringing anything up on USPS..so who knows.
  5. I've yet to have a major problem with h-s, though the hookah i ordered 2 weeks ago came with the wrong color base...but they sent the proper one to me asap without any problems. hookah-hookah on the other hand completely botched the hookah i ordered from them a couple years back(bent downstem), and had some problems getting it replaced..but that was awhile ago, so i dunno how they've been recently.