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  1. NoDeadBodies


    FANTASIA MARGARITA (thanks to neal) SMELL: Strong lime smell, alcohol smell (in a good way) SETUP: Khalil Mamoon Amer, Razaan hose, mod bowl and exotica coals SMOKE : Dense smoke that tastes great through the end of the smoke, even when the flavor is dying TASTE : Like a lime with a little tartness and very sweet RATING: 9.5/10
  2. NoDeadBodies

    Shiny Side Down!

    i do shiny side down for Johnny D's reason
  3. NoDeadBodies

    What's Most Important To You?

    flavor first, if it tastes GROSS then im not smokin in....unless i havent smoked that day .... lol im addicted
  4. NoDeadBodies

    Importance Of Coal

    I find low grade quicklites mnake good tobacco taste like shit.... Naturals make all the tobacco i smoke taste more genuine thats my view
  5. NoDeadBodies

    Km Amer

    QUOTE (austinthecity @ Apr 17 2008, 04:09 AM) QUOTE (rezaomar @ Apr 16 2008, 05:48 PM) QUOTE (mathuv @ Apr 16 2008, 11:48 AM) oh cool, my regular hookah lounge uses those hookahs, with a different hose..theyre amazing. i believe theyre still in manufacture, but not wide scale as the hookah guy has offered to bring me one over from Dubai. I wish i could find a new one online. isn't this an amer with a bohemian glass base? http://hookahcompany.com/hybrid_khalil_mam...h_2190_prd1.htm And yes I think you are right
  6. NoDeadBodies

    Km Amer

    they do look like kms they are AMERS though, the stems are totally different...they have the mini tray lookin stem with a tray that sits up top llike KMs
  7. NoDeadBodies

    Tangiers Purchase

    does he still say "cut in long strips so it doesnt clog holes" on the label?
  8. NoDeadBodies

    Tangiers Purchase

    how is it cut differently
  9. NoDeadBodies

    Charcoal Heater Review

    QUOTE (mushrat @ Apr 16 2008, 08:52 PM) ya, hotplats do the job..I use them here at the bar.... But cool purchase none the less, for soemthing that was orginally sold as a coal REPLACEMENT. elaborate on this coal replacement idea...lol amuse me
  10. NoDeadBodies

    Rather Dissapointed

    yeah they are so much more dense and the smell seems less .....harmful?
  11. NoDeadBodies

    Charcoal Heater Review

    my GE hot plate sucks! its not a coil one, i think those would be much better mine is just liek a flat black plate and it takes FOREVER to light exoticas...waste of 15 bucks
  12. NoDeadBodies

    Broken Bowl

    put a few layers of foil under the bowl grommet...it should make that mod bowl stay in place just fine....keep adding layers if it is still loose
  13. NoDeadBodies

    Rather Dissapointed

    man they dont sound like a bad batch...compared to golden three kings are brittle and fall apart or little peices fall into the bowl way more often...i found goldens to be much higher quality and i have purchased multiple boxes of both i just stay with naturals now tho...tired of coal pieces fallin through my holes
  14. NoDeadBodies

    Km Amer

    yeah new they used to be $69 at hookah company