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  1. Traveling With Hookah

    I checked TSA and they didn't say anything about a hookah.
  2. Guys, I need some assistance. I'm flying home to Texas from Arizona for my winter break. I plan on bringing my hookah w/ some shisha with me. How do I do this? Has anyone had any experience with this situation?
  3. Blue Mist

    Blue Mist Setup: Mya 22" Hookah Egyptian Bowl 2 AF Insta-lights on bowl Reynolds Wrap HD foil Cut: Some big pieces, stems, nice and moist Smell: Strong and minty like Taste: So good, SOO GOOD Clouds: SB Thick Time Spent on the bowl: 1:20 (with like....4 or 5 in the circle...oh yeah) Score: 9.0/10.0 I loved it. Not a bad price imo. Paid $18 for a 250G tin.
  4. Hello From Arizona

    Added to Collection: 250G SB Code 69 (it's awesome imo) 250G SB Blue Mist (haven't tried it yet...this weekend maybe?) Also, annual...where is your half lounge?
  5. Texas Tx Smokers

    I live in Arizona now, but I will be back in San Antonio for xmas.
  6. Hello From Arizona

    Collection: 1x Unbranded Hookah (The one in the pic) 1x 100G Starbuzz Choco Strawberry (eh, it's not bad...it's not good.) Yes, I am a BRAND NEW hookah owner. My hookah isn't even a week old. :3
  7. I just have a standard bowl right now (pic below). One of my friends said for me to get a funnel. So yeah, any recommendations would be great. Pic of bowl:
  8. Show Your Collection Post

    My first and only. <3
  9. Arizona Smokers Az

    Tempe, AZ here! 48th and Baseline ftw.
  10. Hello From Arizona

    Hello Fellow Hookah Owners and Lovers, My name is Richard and I reside in Tempe, AZ. Uhh, I really don't know what to write. But, here is some eye-candy.