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  1. impatiently waiting for this tang lucid to acclimate

  2. hukabukah

    Solo Phunnel Bowl

    Yeah i ended up smoking that bowl for 3 hours. Ever since I started using the foil test recommended by Eric, I haven't had any problems with overpacking. Also my grommet is a little bit small for the bowl, even though its the one that came with it. I've realized the importance of putting the grommet snugly onto the hookah first, then sliding the bowl over it. If I insert the grommet into the bowl first and then onto the hookah, I can't get nearly as tight of a seal.
  3. hukabukah

    Solo Phunnel Bowl

    The toothpick is sitting right over the bowl, making a little bridge. The foil is kinda heavy and doesn't wrap right around the toothpick or anything. I always have problems if I don't use it. The egyption bowl that came with the hookah isn't the greatest.. I just get better sessions with the phunnel. I need to buy a nice mya bowl or something. And thanks Cheng! The speakers are logitech z5300s which are discontinued now. I got them for $130 on newegg. I didn't have the cash at the time to upgrade to the z5500 which were $240 or something.
  4. I was a little concerned about trying my medium-large sized bowl by myself. Not sure if anyone else does this, but i've found a perfect way to manage heat. I just make two 4x4 grid of holes with a toothpick and rotate the foil around the bowl. To keep the foil from sucking into the center hole I just stick a toothpick on the opposite side. It still gets burned up a little but I don't taste it. [img]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v219/mooml/soloBowl.png[/img] [img]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v219/mooml/sess1.png[/img] Loving the Lucid Horchata and my new KM. I've come pretty far since i've been creeping around on HF. Thanks everyone!
  5. hukabukah

    My collection

  6. hukabukah

    KM Butterfly from HJ

    New KM Butterfly 29" just picked up from Banned Vendor
  7. hukabukah

    Viewing Gallery

    Yes sir. I won't complain anymore i promise!
  8. hukabukah

    Viewing Gallery

    Actually, i'm still having trouble. Getting this error: [#10747] Sorry, but you do not have permission to use this feature. If you are not logged in, you may do so using the form below if available. Still works fine when i'm not logged in. (also I couldn't edit my last post.. it gave me another error)
  9. hukabukah

    Viewing Gallery

    All better! Thanks a lot.
  10. Ordered a little christmas present for my roommates and myself from John last weekend: I wanted to try out some flavors that seem to be pretty popular here at HF.. Tangiers Lucid Horchata - 250g Tangiers Lucid Orange Soda - 250g Nakhla Mizo Mint - 250g (couldn't decide which mizo to try) Nakhla Sweet Melon - 250g AF Golden Esk. Apple - 250g 3 Pack of Cocos (liked these so much more than exoticas) And a new KM 29" Butterfly with the new Narbish hose. (my first KM!) REALLLY looking forward to this!
  11. hukabukah

    Viewing Gallery

    Is this the same deal as the trade section? I can't view that either (signed in or not). Do I have to reach a certain post count to view the gallery?
  12. hukabukah

    Pennsylvania Pa Smokers

    Well i'm leaving Penn State for christmas break in about an hour. Back to the 4-1-2 until Jan 11 or so... Pittsburgh Area smoke session anyone?
  13. hukabukah

    Viewing Gallery

    No go.. tried opera and firefox.
  14. hukabukah

    Viewing Gallery

    Why can't I view the gallery when I'm signed in.. but I [i]can[/i] view the gallery when I'm not signed in?
  15. Sorry to bump this.. but I can attest to the exoticas giving off CO. My ridiculously loud CO alarm goes off all the time when I use exoticas... (my neighbors love it i'm sure) Granted.. the alarm is almost directly above where we smoke, but it's a small apt and it's hard wired in. When i used cocos it didn't go off once.