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  1. QUOTE (McLovin @ Sep 29 2009, 11:14 PM) i dunno what side of town you are on but the orange park mall sells AF. i like the AF gum flavor too I live on Fleming island...didn't know op mall had a place.
  2. Thanks, yall rock. Already have HJ's site saved to my favorites.
  3. Pretty much a noob and smoke once a month or so at a local place here.. Casbah. Usually stick with their pomegrante or pear flavor. Im looking to pick up a sample pack of Al Fakher, was curious who to order from to get (5) 50mg sample type sizes and possibly 5 starter flavors to go for...basically the ones that stick out most that people seem to get constantly. Any help you can give me would be greatly apprecaited. Just want to make sure I order from a good site starting out and get a good selection of good flavors. TIA!
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    Jacksonville here too.