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  1. Neon Genesis

    I was into Anime kinda got old. I even use to goto Otakon but this is the first year i won't be. I have watched that it was kinda weird in some places but it was good.
  2. Sleeping With Music On?

    sometimes i do. Usually something relaxing
  3. First Job

    Ref at my local paintball field. Fun times that was.
  4. a few times a minute but that is because i usually only smoke with friends and we are talking.
  5. My favs are marachino cherry k peach orange soda
  6. ive traveled atround u.s. with one they didn't have a problem with it.
  7. Kinda Pissed

    When i finish one session which is usually an hour right now because i don't have that much time to smoke i usually just keep the bowl packed for next time since it should be able to last 2-3hrs.
  8. Oh god i remember the one i bought. I wasted my money, if only i knew what i know now.
  9. 5 Million Dollars

    Pay off my car, move in with my fiance, put the rest away for later.
  10. I will miss him. He helped me out alot when i was looking for my first good hookah.
  11. Electric Hookah Concept (just A Concept)

    [quote name='dagman' date='24 December 2009 - 05:33 PM' timestamp='1261694023' post='441564'] here is a butane coal alternative. [url="http://www.sheecool.com/products_desc.php?id=81"]http://www.sheecool...._desc.php?id=81[/url] [/quote] very interesting. Has anyone here actually tried this. If so is it too hot for the shisha?
  12. Join Hookahforum On Facebook

    joined them both
  13. That sucks, try to pull together people from all over so they see how many people oppose this.
  14. What Do You Do For A Living?

    Maintanence for Maryland automobile insurance fund
  15. Small Phunnel bowls oasis green because i dropped mine on saturday Tangiers Flavor: Maraschino Cherry