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  1. and this thread is why we cant have nice things. ive been treated like shit since day 1 here and i dont know what the fuck all your problems are. im sorry that im not some elietest that thinks that the defective constructions makes km better or have an obsession where i feel the need to smoke for 9 hours a day or so compulsive that i spend 500$ on hookahs and tobacco a month. nor do i feel the need to talk about hookah all the time in a HOOKAH FORUM. 90% of people use natural coals, tangiers and have a km me in included. thats real fun to talk about. i prefer to chill with a friend or few and smoke once or twice a week. if im not elietist enough for me tell me and ill leave.
  2. btw you arent going to find any cas 5 ddr3 ram youll be lucky if you find 8. also you should be looking for at least a phenom 2 x4 955 and a good cooler to OC it. as for graphics cards you have to either choice gaming or cad. dont buy and OCed card since you can do it yourself and the higher the gddr is the more throughput the card.
  3. damn stuie you beat me to it but i was going to say get the 1 hoser and a spinny plate. also ive taken my QT to a friends frat for over a year and its never been broken. its been tipped but caught a few times
  4. QUOTE (Vladimir @ Dec 6 2009, 11:50 PM) Personally I wouldn't try to write a good paper on the issue, but maybe that is just me . thats what i was aiming for but i didnt want to flat out say it because i didnt want to look like a dick (which i did anyway). as for the germany comment, arent their traffic laws way more strict too?
  5. it would never happen insurance companies would lobby the shit out of any bill going against this
  6. is that a mya bowl on top? if so im just wondering why you chose that?
  7. all i have to say is fuck bitches. i just walked 15 minutes almost to the bar then got stood up and walked back and got a call that shes not leaving. needless to say i voiced my opinion. players haters club HATE HATE HATE!
  8. QUOTE (Vladimir @ Dec 5 2009, 06:24 PM) QUOTE (destructo @ Dec 5 2009, 03:04 PM) as for good computers putting them together yourself is always the better path. +1 If you can do the things you want to be able to do (all this engineering crap) then you can definitely figure out how to build a computer! I built a new rig last year with the Intel Q6600 2.4 Quad Core, Asus P5N-D motherboard, G.Skill ram, and an EVGA 9800 GT 512mb, it has run awesome. I shorted myself with a 500W power supply- but other than that I love it . I can give more info if you want specifics, but half the stuff I bought probably isn't even made anymore, damn technology! i just bought a phenom 2 x4 955 with an ati 4670 and 4 gigs of ram from parts for 770$. i think im going to rma the graphics card because i found out that ati drivers still suck.
  9. well if you want to do cad youll need a card that wouldnt be able to to games. if you get a gaming card its going to suck at auto cad. as for good computers putting them together yourself is always the better path.
  10. this thread should be about gina carano
  11. the second picture isnt even a joint it looks like someone had a grinder and over shot and hit the pear. as for the joints im pretty sure they are welds since solder offers almost no structural support unless its silver solder which it isnt and still offer litter support. and i got it from john, should i email him about it when i get a working computer?
  12. QUOTE (ryno @ Dec 3 2009, 11:28 AM) Can you get a close up of the weld mark? Most of the ones I've seen are gold colored. My guess is because thats where they grinded down the weld. All the ones Ive seen have been gold, but they were also smooth. Its what you get in a handmade pipe. its a bad picture its a dull grey and bumpy. also why do they use gold purge ports i found it really strange. my biggest problem were this which i noticed as soon as i opened the box but you cant see when smoking since its on the opposite side of the hose port and this which doesnt effect the seal and cant be seen when in use. overall i give the function of it a 10/10 but the quality 5.5/10
  13. ya it looks like my standards were a little too high. apparently its about average weld quality. looks pretty awesome from a few feet away too
  14. dont get me wrong from 5 feet away it looks ballin and smokes better than any hookah ive ever smoked. you guys just got my hopes up. also it was way windy last night and i practically smoked out my basement which i havent gotten remotely close to with a qt.
  15. from hose length you cant really tell the welds werent polished and the chip is in a place where you cant see it but it still seals so neither are big deals. i guess i just got one of the worse ones or have a different standard in quality. the first thing i did was clean it and call a friend to smoke it. and it was simply stunning too bad i used the last of my k peach
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