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  1. i dunno what side of town you are on but the orange park mall sells AF. i like the AF gum flavor too
  2. McLovin

    Florida Smokers Fl

    ^^ i recognize that user name from florida truck scene...
  3. McLovin

    New From Florida

    yeah thsi is a new computer so ill have to find a picture lol. i am on another forum that i had a different name on and the site owner met me and changed my name on there to mclovin lol
  4. McLovin

    Florida Smokers Fl

    <-- Jacksonville!!
  5. McLovin

    New From Florida

    hey everyone just signed up today. names tyler but everyone calls me mclovin. guess i kinda resemble the kid. i live in jacksonville. i dont smoke every day. just once in a while u know. sometimes a few nights a week