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  1. tofat2runfast

    Hookah-hookah Shisha?

    I've gotten some odd good session using H-H Saying that i wouldn't risk buying it again. Only if you're feeling the hurt in your wallet
  2. The shoppe me and my buddies get stuff from had a hike (so says my friends. I have been out of a job for some time now so no buying for me sadly) ,but when you buy from the lounge it was cheaper than it used to. i cant say what kind of hike the shop has but the lounge used to sell coals for $15 even now they are like $12.50 or so i found it a little odd, but i'm not mad
  3. tofat2runfast

    Thank You, Hf

    that's what happends man. you use 'not the best quality' of hookah products and you think its awesome. Then when you use quality you can't even go back to the cheap stuff.
  4. tofat2runfast

    Tips On Ways To Clean Hookah?

    i like to use baking soda and white vinegar to clean the base. the baking soda kills the smell of the vinegar so no worries with that lol and then lemon juice for the stem and of course hot water to wash out the stem and base
  5. QUOTE (newjacksm @ Aug 31 2009, 08:24 PM) Smokeless hookah? That's not cool and I am sure that would have a hefty price tag. prob something to do with that smokeless cigarette thing that has been out for a bit of time now. i've only recently been seeing them in tobacco shops though. Something to do about if you're in a place that doesn't let you smoke its okay cause instead of smoke, doesn't have a smell, you know all that good stuff you enjoy when smoking a hookah
  6. tofat2runfast

    Coals Storage.

    i keep my coals and tobacco in the kitchen preferably on top of the fridge... easy access for when i wanna get my smoke on
  7. I like KM's better personally... I've had my KM for awhile now and it still is the best hookah i've smoke out of. maybe i just feel that way because it is my own. lol but honestly i really do feel the KM > the mya