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  1. really depends on what works for you... I usually use 2 pieces of exotic coals (1/3 of the bar each piece) for a normal sized bowl of tangeiers so I would prob. use 3 or 4 on a funnel. Hole size is another personal pref. thing, but Eric himself uses a oyster fork and everyone that I have heard of that has visited his shop has said wonderful things about their sessions there... but again personal pref thing.
  2. Please use N-A-T-U-R-A-L coals.... it is very rare that you get a chemical taste... I know you want to smoke as soon as possible, but as someone (I forget who) says "Hookah is for people with patience." Usually it only takes about 5-7 mins for natural coals to get going. I recommend exotic coals because they break easily (just lay them down on a flat surface with about 1/3 sticking off the edge and hold the remaining 2/3 with your palm and then break off the other 1/3 with your other hand. Also they light in about 5 mins on an electric hot plate (mine are grey on the bottom and sides... doesn't really have to be grey on the top, but it doesn't hurt).
  3. I smoke tangiers a lot... it's my fav and if I have it I smoke it over any tobacco.. so I am use to the buzz... well today I got some more and and I just opened it up... and I decided to pack a bowl before letting it sit and get use to the environment well it seems as though the buzz is bigger than usual... idn maybe it's me but has anyone else experienced a bigger tangiers buzz when they first open it and smoke it vs. smoking it after letting it sit?
  4. the delievery time depends on who they have packages for and where you are on their route... I get my delivers from ups anywhere from 10:00 to 12:00... in fact I got hookah stuff today and it was delivered at 11:30... so now I am enjoying a nice bowl of tangiers cherry with exotic coals.. it's def. bitchin
  5. well today I got a 600 watt dimmer switch and a project box... so hopefully I can pick up a toaster tomorrow from the thrift store and then see what happens from then on.
  6. well toaster = $12.00 and that thing = $49.99 + sh... so for me I would rather save my money and just use a little more of my time.
  7. QUOTE (drewwood5 @ Jan 5 2008, 11:59 PM) i start heating my coals on a stove, then start preparing the hookah, then my coals are done Sorry, I think you are misunderstanding. This thread is talking about the idea of not using coals at all to heat the bowl. I do the same thing that you do currently, but we are trying to develop a method that does not use coals to heat the bowl, so that it eliminates the cost of coals and any chemicals that are used in the making of coals. Thank you , Joe
  8. Seems as though a toaster is anywhere from 800-900 watts... and the generic electric hot plate is 750 watts, so it is more than enough power in terms of heat, I think the trick is finding a dimmer switch that matches the wattage of the toaster...
  9. so I wonder how much heat 1,000 watts would generate? I am sure you could prob either find a 1,000 watt dimmer switch at lowes or home depot... or maybe radio shack or something like that... guess it's time for some experimenting. I also found a few 600 watt dimmers... Since you seem to know more about this than me what would be the best place to position the dimmer? between the dimmer and the wall plug? or between the circuit and the coils? Thanks much .
  10. ok... after thinking and stuff I came to the final conclusion of a hair dryer... it has coils, you can adjust the temp.... lol
  11. What do you guys think about a podcast about hookah? I was messing with garageband (apple music creation software) and was thinking wouldn't it be awesome if we had a hookah podcast... possibly featuring different companies, round-up of top forum topics and reviews of products. I was thinking it could be sent out once a week... well what do you guys think? if you think it's a good idea throw out some ideas about what you guys would like to see in terms of content.
  12. QUOTE (lonasindi @ Jan 5 2008, 04:56 PM) The thing about using toaster coils is that you're going to have to put together your own rheostat, so it'll be very important you know the draw of the coils and the power handling of your resistors. Instead of making your own rheostat, couldn't you just use the variable power switch from the toaster... since this would basically increase or decrease the temp. of the coils... but if someone wanted to control the temp. in a cool way I guess they could look up a digipot so that you could have like an lcd screen with output of the temp and then adjust accordingly... if you took the first route (use the pre-existing variable power switch) then you could just measure the temp using a thermometer to measure the temp of coals and then setup to coils and then adjust the variable power switch to adjust it until you get the same temp. I should be going shopping tomorrow so I can pick up a cheap toaster and test the theory.
  13. I wanted to make a 3d rendering of what I was talking about in some degree, but it is sorta what cannon described... basically that setup I described earlier... the coils (think like toaster coils) would be ran across a metal ring which would sit on top of your bowl with a variable power switch attached to it so that you could adjust how much heat is going to the coils. the coils would sit about 1/4" above the bowl... the major thing is matching the temp of the coils with the temp of the heat ring. Once you do that though then you could make a small box to put the variable power switch in and indicate by marking the average temp on the box so that you know for future reference.
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