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  1. Hookah in Japan, its way to difficult...

  2. please come back, I miss you, and Happy Birthday!

  3. just got my big order for john lovin the new KM

  4. as i smoke this bowl of tangiers I realize I'll just go throw away that Al-waha crap cuz this bowl is subliminal

  5. bigtoepfer

    After Nine

    [b]Al Waha After Nine[/b] [b]Hookah: [/b]Mya Mini Acryllic [b]Bowl:[/b] Mya mini mod bowl [b]Screen/Foil:[/b] Reynolds Heavy Duty [b]Hose: [/b]Nammor (Large) [b]Coals: [/b]3 Kings QL [b]Base Liquid:[/b] Water w/ Ice [b]Appearance:[/b] Short cut, dark, lots of stems, soo many stems, red dye [b]Nicotine:[/b] 0.5% [b]Base: [/b]Honey & Glycerin [b]Smell: [/b]maybe a hint of choclate and mint [b]Taste:[/b] I got a hint of the mint but nothing like what a straight mint flavor would do [b]Smoke:[/b] Decent Clouds with high heat. [b]Buzz:[/b] None [b]Duration:[/b] 35 mins, I couldn't bring myself to put on more coals because of the lack or flavor [b]Purchased From: [/b]Local smoke shop [b]Overall: [/b]4/10 Decent Clouds, but the taste is almost non-existent I tried different coal variations. Perhaps I'll try again with cocos since I still have some tobacco, I really wanted something chocolate and mint and I was told thats what this was. The people at the smoke shop said they liked it. But just like every other Al-Waha flavor I smoke very little flavor. I've found in the past tho pre-mixed mint/cocoa flavors have left me somewhat wanting.
  6. well i guess I'm in the minority in that I believe it has a vast effect on the smoke. milk seems to thicken the smoke. But that could just be a side effect of the coldness. Now also when it comes to carbonated beverages you get a head rush from the carbonation too. just sayin. I think play around with it and if it makes a difference for you then great. If it doesn't the great too. We used to do it alot at the lounge I ran because its was just another way to spice things up. Not to mention it was an add on sale haha. regardless i believe it makes a difference. As you can see from my above post.
  7. I've done coke, dr. pepper, powerade. milk, coconut milk, pineapple juice, monster, redbull, ummm maybe others but i can't recall at the moment. usually i put something like that to accompany the flavors in teh bowl. for instance. (Monster base + mint, rose, orange, lemon AF equal parts) or (AF 1 part cinnamon, 2 parts cafe latte, 1 part cocktail with redbull base) or (coke with AF 1 part vanilla, 2 part cherry, 1/2 part cola) or (Dr. Pepper with AF 2 part berry, 1 part vanilla) "this tastes like a berrys n cream DP and its amazingly smooth" or also (AF Orange, vanilla, coconut + Orange Crush base) thats just a couple of recipies i came up with. In case you haven't noticed i like AF haha
  8. [quote name='cartercdad' date='10 March 2010 - 11:06 PM' timestamp='1268280364' post='456463'] looks like my monster energy cover. see my youtube video for it. a quick and easy wind cover that fits everything. been using them for over 2 years with no problems [/quote] I had seen a person with one. And I've looked at every gas station in town today and noone had any 32 oz. cans cept for beer and i didn't feel like drinkin that. haha. I will be making one of these soon.
  9. my first night here i had already donated to be a premium member and people were checking me out wondering wtf was going on hahahaha.
  10. GENIUS.....I love it. Too bad about your bad sessions tho. I would tend to agree with one of the above posts tho. You need more water.
  11. I think I like it this way. There are less commercials and everyone here seems more genuine.
  12. Personally I drive a 2007 honda fit. And my car has an even smaller engine than yours does. But I am planning on driving from Louisiana to Seattle via I-10 to cali and hwy 1 or 101 to seattle. Then up to vancouver. I would trust the car to go anywhere. I frequently make 6+ hour trips with 3 other people in the car. I've had it since november 07 and recently rolled 54k miles. Which is kinda weak because I had hurt my knee and couldn't drive for 6 months. haha.
  13. the answer for us is to not charge for hookah. You charge a cover per person to get in. say 8$ and 10$ for singles. And you give them a hookah when they come in if they want it if they don't then you don't. You are charging to get into a private lounge. for ever two people who pay 8$ give em a hook and for the single they get their own. You are a retail shop at this point and you are allowing people for a cover to taste test the product. But you aren't forcing them to. Thats how we did it. Thats not the whole deal but thats a rough explanation. just an idea
  14. [IMG]http://i222.photobucket.com/albums/dd155/Doctor_Girlfriend/Boxxy_Trollin.png[/IMG]
  15. And revived again. This thread is very relevant to my interests. As I want to open a lounge of my own. blah blah we've all heard it before but I used to manage a hookah lounge so i know a little more than the average bear going into it
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