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  1. SynysterPhoenix

    Firefighting, A Civil Liberty?

    [quote name='SneakyPete' timestamp='1286834641' post='484700'] At the risk of sounding unpopular, isn't it always an honest mistake? The cheque is in the mail... I didn't know... I'm the victim... How often have we tried to get that extra day out of a gas tank... or cheaped out to save a buck (10 dollar hookah on ebay???? what a deal!!!). If you are living in a county where you have to pay for something... it obviously isn't a secret. Most will send letters, will call, or even visit houses to get that 75 bucks. Most houses wont use that service, so it makes sense to try to get the cash. After the fire starts, it is a little late to go back and pay it on the spot. It usually doesn't work. So the easy thing to do is blame the people that are easiest to blame. It sucks that 4 Pets had to die and that a house had to burn down, but do Insurance companies let you pay car insurance after you get in a wreck? In the end, it comes down to responsibility. You saved 75 bucks, But lost pets and your home. You invest a hundred thousand into your house, I know i've put about 3 grand into the health of my 3 year old Boston Terrier. I know 75 dollars is a small price to pay to make sure she and my house is safe. Easy choice in my opinion. It just is easy to blame someone else when your house is burning down after you dropped the ball.... [/quote] So you would honestly let a house burn down right in front of you when you know you have the power to stop it just because someone did not a $75 fee? The money does not even goes to you. I suppose it would indirectly in one way or another, but i could never do that.
  2. SynysterPhoenix

    Wtb Km Hookah

    Nevermind, i saw another thread where you just needed a stem
  3. SynysterPhoenix

    Wtb Km Hookah

    Still interested?
  4. SynysterPhoenix

    Alone On An Island.

    Tobacco: Blue Mist, Mizo Mint, K-Peach, ILTOBC, Juicy Peach Hookah: OG KM Tri-Metal, BoHo vase, Small Tang Phunnel Coals: Coconaras Island: Bali
  5. SynysterPhoenix

    Ryno, The Dad

    Congrats man!
  6. [quote name='TheyCallMeDave' timestamp='1284534074' post='482217'] Sorry folks, I've already pm'd our friend, and have sealed the deal. However, I do have enough magic coal for everyone. Kind of like an everlasting gobstopper/jesus with fish and bread concept. It just keeps on ashing.. and ashing... [/quote] Aww, it ashes? [img]http://www.hookahforum.com/public/style_emoticons/default/nea.gif[/img]
  7. SynysterPhoenix

    Naming Your Hookah

    Km Tri-metal named Bob, MZ named Courtney, Another KM named Jill.
  8. Wow, what a deal. So cheap, especially with the magic coals. I regret buying my KM
  9. [quote name='mustafabey' timestamp='1284391335' post='482045'] here's one thats made from wood, looks like the whole stem might be wood. that would tend to ghost flavors I imagine, however the base looks really cool. [url="http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=160480435768&ssPageName=ADME:B:SS:US:1123"]wooden hookah[/url] [/quote] I have always wondered about wooden downstems. Interesting idea, but i do not see it work in the long run. That is an awesome looking vase though.
  10. SynysterPhoenix

    Steampunk-Esqe Hookah Design. Criticisms?

    That is probably one of the most awesome pipes i have ever seen. Original and functional, you have a winner.
  11. SynysterPhoenix

    Will This Vase Be A Problem?

    I had the same exact problem when i ordered my KM from HC. I just bought a BoHo vase cause i didnt want to go through the trouble. Besides, KMs look beautiful sitting on a BoHo =)
  12. SynysterPhoenix

    Kashmir Fans...

    I think i came a little
  13. SynysterPhoenix

    What Do You Do For A Living?

    [quote name='jacob.lindenmuth' timestamp='1282094281' post='479345'] Entering as a full-time student at Edinboro University this fall as an Animation major. [/quote] Are you from Pittsburgh? Anyways, I work as a cook for Primanti Brothers and also going to school to get my MBA
  14. SynysterPhoenix

    Favorite Tangiers Flavors?

    ILTOBC Mimon K-Peach
  15. SynysterPhoenix

    Public Hookah Sesh?

    Once in a while me and 2 of my friends would find an empty parking lot somewhere and i would make the hookah. Cops have hassled me a couple of times thinking it was for NHT but nothing too bad.