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  1. emmpeethree

    Tangiers Liquorice (in Canada)

    bump i can trade outside of canada as well
  2. emmpeethree

    Tangiers Liquorice (in Canada)

    QUOTE (Molson @ Feb 4 2007, 10:38 PM) FINALLY a canadian trader where are you located? vancouver, you?
  3. i've got some tanigers liquorice, 100gr unopened. anyone want to trade?
  4. emmpeethree

    Best Smoke Ring Video

    i wonder if the video was sped up...
  5. QUOTE (mushrat @ Dec 11 2006, 02:45 PM) I've gotten a few pm's, and found this problem myself. if your pm box says its full (50 messeges) but you aren't seeing that many in your inbox, check your "sent" folder. Most people have evrything they send also sent there without realizing it and those seem to count against you as well. So clear your "sent" folder and see if your pm doesn't go back to where it should be. seems like a rather low limit considering pms are less than a kilobyte...
  6. starlight vrs 3 kings i've been using exclusively 3kings for the last 2 years, i went to the hookah shop to pick up some coals but they were out of them, so i went with starlight instead which were cheaper, (1.5 vrs 2) i wasn't optimistic as to how they would work --- but it would turn out to be one of my best hookah sessions yet. they lit about twice as fast as the 3 kings (once it got started, about 5 seconds under a bic lighter, the whoel thing lit within 10-15 seconds) it seemed to burn hotter and more evenly than the 3 kings. smoke was the thickest i've had in months... very impressed
  7. emmpeethree

    Mya QT best location to get one

    qt's are going for 35 on ebay...
  8. just wait till i go on vacation again next year! muahahahaha!
  9. just wondering if anyone would be interested in a group buy for some tangiers tabacco from hookah kings they've got it on sale now for $6.36 which is pretty damn good however, they nail you with a shipping charge of 11 bucks, which makes it hardly worth it. the shipping charge doesnt really increase no matter how much you order, i tested with 10 x100gr and it came to 11.50 with 20 x 100gr it came to 12.20 ie: 10 , total cost is $76 = $ 7.60 each 20, $139 total = $7.00 each 30, $203 total = $ 6.75 each so yeah, i'd be down for ordering 3-4 flavours on my own. i would be happy to administer it but i don't live in the states... anyone care to do this? could also get a bunch of phunnel bowls for relatively godo price too?
  10. QUOTE (evlspcmk)around here if u blow smoke into someones face it means 'Kiss now, Fuck later'   around here it just means "fuck you"
  11. sorry for the late rply we'll keep the tradition of keepign my face a mystery ps the scars on my leg are from ice - this was the day after the hike up the mountain
  12. the hits at the top were as good as any. however, its easy to get lightheaded - we definately didnt finish the bowl between 3 of us. smoke wouldnt get overly thick either, but nevertheless tasted great FYI, just found out that elevation at top of beehive is 7380 ft
  13. brought "camel" (rip) to the top of the big beehive - backdrop is lake louise. filled with bottled water and snow runoff
  14. emmpeethree

    Shipping to Canada

    QUOTE (gunsboy) COD was $65 CDN (35 Brokerage Fees and 30 Customs)    Crooks.   that's because it was shipped via courier if you ship via the post office, it won't cost ya, except for the duties (ie sales tax)