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  1. Kentucky Ky Smokers

    I also live in Lexington, KY.
  2. Cappuccino

    Al Fakher Cappucino Smell/Flavor: Like a freshly made cappucino. Subtle coffee undertone with a hint of sweetness. Definitely appetising. Cut: Fairly fine, with decent moisture. I haven't noticed any problematic stems yet. Smoke: Nice and thick. Tastes just as good as it smells, though not as strongly. Very pleasant. Buzz: Just a small buzz, Amount(approx)/Duration: About 15g, lasts approx 45 minutes or so. Hookah Type: ~21in egyptian hookah with a 7' mya hose. Bowl: Standard egyptian. Foil/Screen: metal screen that came with the bowl. Coal/Amount: Three Kings coals. Used two total over the course of the session. Liquid in Base: room-temperature water Overall satisfaction (scale 1 to 10): 10/10. This became my favorite flavor on first hit. It's easily the best I've tried, though I haven't had a chance to try much.