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  1. Not a problem bro. I got this. Also there is a Bunch of our family that are from Mich. In fact alot are in your town.The Smiley Clan small world Smiley
  2. smiley

    Much Thanks

    QUOTE (Chip @ Feb 21 2007, 05:10 AM) Hey Smiley my buddy Davey Hiatt bought one of your hookahs from you last week. He said he hasnt been emailed or called about the shipping and what not. Anyway i can get that information to relay to him. Thanks Everything is going out tomarrow thursday at thr lates. We will contact him before we charge the card. Smiley
  3. QUOTE (Scheetz @ Feb 20 2007, 05:12 PM) Don't get me wrong I love starbuzz and have a few tins hanging around. But I am surprised at their quality control with their flavorings. For instance their Mint Chocolate. 2 tins, ordered within 2 weeks of each other. 1 tin is dyed red and has a strong chocolate taste with mint in the background. Tin number 2 is dyed green and has a strong mint taste with chocolate in the background. I understand flavors can never be perfect, but what is up with the multiple color dyes? Same issue with peach, 2 tins both tasting different. I have never had this issue with Layalina or Tangiers. Packs have been ordered months apart and they taste exactly alike. I know Tang takes his work seriously and keeps his quality control in tabs but I would expect Starbuzz, who is pushing Tin after Tin out the door to have made a perfect recipe by now for their flavors. Not that I am going to stop smoking Starbuzz, but I still wish they would fix this. I dont enjoy playing guessing games if my next tin will be the same as my last. If your going to charge a higher price for supposed quality. I would hope this company would get it together. Want to get it together. If your always shelling out the big bucks for Star Buzz. Least they could do is make sure that its good and the same recipe also the same color too. I personally hate the Colors in shisha. but that my gig. Smiley
  4. I personally like Sexy, Layalina,Fusion,Pharoah,Al waha,Al Fakher,Golden Alfakher,Al Qemah,Nakhla, A Alajmy, Baharin no lonrger around rest in peace (the Best), Fumari, Star Buzz, Tangiers for a kick in the head. LOL ( Jefferson),Not in any order I like them all. Some brand flavors are better than others. But all in all I like them as a whole. I don't like Sinbads, Hookah Hookah, Sultan, Saharah, Soex and Hookah Brothers hope this helps Smiley
  5. I've tried alot of different type of coals. I like my Cocnut coals.But you need to have some xtra time for those. I've tried three kings the fakes and the real deal. Those are ok they are very crumbly. I've tried Golden.But those you may loose a eye or diffinatly get burned. The fingers all brands are pretty good. I like Starlight brand. They really have no odor. But recently I've been all about the Three Eagle Silver Coated Bars. These are not a quick light but you won't have to wait forever either. They release hardly any odor at first but then burn supper clean. You do have to wait for the silver coating to flake away all away. But other than that. They rock.But please for the love of god. Don't use Kings Ford Charcoal. It just bad. Good luck Smiley
  6. Yea The Hookah Company!! Man that is so cool. of them. Whats up Matt and George!!!! Smiley
  7. I would like Nutella. Yum Smiley
  8. smiley

    Your Favorites

    QUOTE ([LB] @ Feb 18 2007, 02:27 PM) if i were you smiley id pay a visit to your nearest fumari hookah lounge, and just smoke each flavor personally, ive only been to a fumari lounge once but it was a great experience Hey Lb I love there lounge I have been several times. In fact I have been doing Business with Fumari for three years now. I just was wondering if anyone has tried some of the obscure ones like Fakahina etc. I have had zero problems with flavor or anything of the sort. Maybe its because I get the shisha by the Kilo. Thank you guys again for the input. I apreciate it very much. Smiley ;)
  9. One of my friend is such a idiot. He bought a water pipe ie. Bong. He thought he was buying a Hookah. He called me and told me to come over to Hookah. I figured any chance to Hookah is a No excuse policy. LOL So I went over there. He's all check out my new Hookah.I started to laugh my ass off. I think I was crying I was luaghing so hard. He was ..Whats so funny. I told him thats not a Hookah thats a Bong. Well I think he learned a lesson.When your friend owns a lounge. Go to him or her for a Hookah. Not a Head Shop. I think he was trying to impress me....LOL He did LOL Smiley
  10. smiley


    Hey Mr. Bubble welcome home. I been haveing a problem uploading my Avatar pic smiley
  11. smiley

    One Of My Best Smokes

    I have to admit.I have a Hookah Smokeing problem. Right now I five Hookahs with water in them still. LOL But I think the reason is because.... I LOVE HOOKAH !!! LOL also the smiley style to me. Tastes so good. That I want more. Cafe when you load a smiley bowl? take your screen and place it in the bowl empty. look at it to see where your shisha will be loaded to. Its ok if your screen touches the shisha. Place the screen back on the bowl and adjust and blow thru the bottom.Gently. Place it on your Hookah and Smoke up Jonny.LOL You know your done with your bowl when the screen pops off of the shisha clean nothing sticking. If it has shisha stuck to it. thats ok too. But a clean seperation from screen to shisha. Your done ready for a refill.LOL You can also use your screen on Mya Heads too.Here is a pic Smiley
  12. I can supply you with everything you need. If I can't help, I can direct you to the people that helped me out when I first started. I'm working on your price list and exact supplies that I can provide you with. Hope all is well. Good luck Captian. Smiley
  13. smiley


    You can use a piece of paper towel about the size of a strip of paper about three inches wide and four inches long. You can fold it long ways and wrap it around the stem where you place the bowl. And also use it to wrap it around the tip of your hose beofe you place it in your hookah. I will tkae some pic.to show you how. This way is real nice way of snmokeing. The juice doe not run down your hookah and because its absorbent it makes a better conection and better smokeing for you. Smiley
  14. QUOTE (NorthEastSmoker @ Feb 14 2007, 02:10 PM) Anyone else notice that on many hookah sites it's becoming more and more difficult to find just a nice single hose hookah? Seems that many sites are offering FAR more multiple-hose hookahs than they are singles.. For instance, I would love to have a simple and elegant single hose syrian from hookah-shisha.. I bought my original hookah from them 2 years ago and want another single hose syrian. But every syrian they sell is a multiple hose. wtf? I know that the multiple-hose hookahs are becoming quite attractive to people who haven't smoked before, due to their looks and social aspect.. However, I think there is a large market out there for people like myself who want just a simple single hose hookah... I personly don't like multy hose Hookahs. I like the interaction that comes with a single hose Hookah. In fact alll we carry is single hose Hookahs.I may order a multi hose for a customer.but before I do I explain the pros and cons to both.Useually they end up leaving with a single hose hookah. Very Happy The Hookah Club will only have Single Hose Hookahs for you guys to get. Smiley
  15. smiley

    Parents = Explaining

    Look the first thing your welcome. Second your 20 there is time in our lives that we need to come clean with our parents and join the rest of us that are starting a friendship along with the parent trap. I thnk you need to explain the issues at hand with them. Print some info about our lifestyle. Have then read about it here. But I know the school thing is a part. Does your parent pay for your school? if yes well you have a obligation to excel in school. If you prove to them you can get the grades they want to see or show them your not fucking around in school. this might help. But be Honest and share your info. If they blow you off .Like oh yea your smokeing tobacco. Stand your ground and tell them yes I am smokeing flavored tobacco. If you are educated on this manner and approch it the right way.You should be able to get it into your parents head. Explain that the Sixties are over. We use a hookah for what it was intended for. Good luck and rember to be honest and educated when dealing with this matter. From one who has went thru this already. Smiley