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  1. Ill look into making an order soon. Should i just order tobbacco and buy a hookah locally? Will it have a bigger chance of being seized/taxed if i get tobacco and a hookah?
  2. should i try to talk to him directly or just make an order into canada without any special considerations?
  3. I'm actually going to school now in kingston ontario at queens. So no more vancouver customs. Would anyone be willing to ship from the states for me? I tried to contact both mn and hookah john regarding shipping into canada without much luck.
  4. so should i go ahead and try to place an order with hookah john and risk it? Would you say its best to order only some shisha and coals online and buy the hookah locally as its readily available? even though it will most likely be some knockoff piece of crap
  5. I went to school and didnt have much time to smoke and couldnt bring my hookah stuff. But now i think im comin back strong. I just gotta figure out where to get myself another nice setup and stash.
  6. so if you had to choose a site, what would it be?
  7. Luke69


    so mushrat you do have one?
  8. Hey i use to be a heavy forum member about two years ago but haven't been on for a while. I just wanted to check what sites were still doing well with regards to shipping stuff into canada. I know mnhookah use to be good. Just wondering if there are any updates? I'm looking to get a km hookah and some shisha and coals. I really want to try the new lucid line, but mnhookah doesnt have it. Thanks for any replies
  9. Luke69


    sorry to revive an old thread buuuut is anybody actually in a decent private torrent site? like torrent leech or something like that? Ive got demonoid, bit nation, hd bits, bit tt, and something else if anyone wants to trade invtites for a decent rite. I keep my ratio
  10. Luke69

    Hookah In Europe

    thanks. Yeah im really looking to buy a really unique hookah for cheap. Or just a decent one. I think prague will be the cheapest place
  11. Luke69

    Has Anyone Tried This?

    Yeah i know, from canada, but you get paid in pounds which is double. I definately see whatcha mean though. I wonder when old johnny d's gunna comment.
  12. Luke69

    Has Anyone Tried This?

    Has anyone even looked at the site?
  13. Luke69

    Ask A Gay Guy Anything...

    how old were you when you had your first gay experience? and what age did you think/know you were gay?
  14. Luke69

    Hookah In Europe

    does anyone know any places specifically in amsterdam or prague or nice? or that general area?
  15. Luke69

    Al Fahker Question

    yeah just add more coals until the smoke is thick enough, then take parts off if it starts tasting burnt.