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  1. Legit, BUT, shady, unethical business practices & greed limits my interaction with them. Note: No, John did not reveal who screwed him back when it happened, he had the ethic not to say in public what happened.
  2. E- Hookah

    I don't see the reason for an e-hookah @ $290. I could buy a lot of vaping supplies for that much dough. Not to mention, for $50 I could get a Puresmoker passthru, with extra parts, and achieve the same thing. Or just stick to my hookahs. On the e-cig health concern front, by the FDAs own tests (results on the FDA.gov website) the e-cig is just as unhealthy as the patch, inhaler, gum when it comes to nitrosamines (carcinogens). This is something not mentioned in the FDA e-cig test but can easily be compared using published test data from all products. I'd be more concerned about the dihydrogen monoxide content of the ecig personally. Either way, the ecig is way way way less harmful than smoking cigarettes, which is what the ecig is, cigarette alternative for people already addicted to cigarettes.
  3. What Is Your Secret Hobby?

    Perfecting my reloads and facing my penguin figurines due south.
  4. Look At The Length Of That Handle

    ...nice marpuc. Freakishly large, and nice.
  5. Broke My Phunnel

    Coulda beena mini. Sorry to hear bout your loss.
  6. Where To Buy Hookah Hose Tips

    Tulumba.com has colored ones if you're interested. Just received a bag of em. They're male type. http://www.tulumba.com/storeItem.asp?ic=HO307000CC624
  7. I feel like clam chowder from the Pressman hotel.
  8. Hookah sits on my conertable next to the couch so I can watch movies. Stood up to ash, buzz took over, went blank a sec, just long enough for me to lose grip of the coal over the tray edge, coal falls between table and couch, burning smell. Shoved couch to the side, emergency water squeeze bottle in one hand & tongs in other. reaching for coal with tongs got it about 4 ft off the ground, smooshed it too hard, it explodes. Little embers all over couch and carpet, I started shooting water everywhere in a panic, so many to put out. It was ugly. Glad no one was watching.
  9. Obama Wins A Nobel Peace Prize...

    I heard this driving to work this morning and the exact words out of my mouth, "What? He didn't do shit!" Now he sits amongst the ranks of Sadat and MLK? If he had any integrity, he'd turn it down. PS: LOL! Al Gore = Manbearpig
  10. Hawaii Smokers Hi

    Woohoo Hawaii peeps!
  11. Scalli Mod - Use #2

    That's LOLers. Love it. DIffuser keeps my coals from bouncing around on the drum.
  12. Eric Was Robbed!

    I'm very sorry to hear of this, Eric. I'm glad to hear no one was physically hurt. Please keep in mind, when a robbery is successful and depending on the robber's motivation, may return for a second go around. Start thinking of prevention to a Part II.