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  1. I have a brand new never used 3 hose 34" double heart of lion KM hookah with plugs for two hose ports so with those in it smokes identicle to a one hose and if friends come by you have the option of putting in up to two extra hoses. They are Chrome and perfect and not a scratch. Comes with vase if needed and one hose and bowl. Asking 120 plus shipping
  2. I always tip and maybe it's me but if you get service and it's good unless you are at a fast food restaurant where they hand you what you order on a tray you tip and even then if there is a tip jar I often leave a buck. I can make a cup of coffee at home for a dime but at Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts when the person makes me a cup of coffee and perhaps gives me a piece of cake with it I'll leave my change or a buck in the tip jar because I appreciate the service. If the service is bad your tip reflects it. If the bill is $15 for a hookah and the service stunk you would leave maybe a dollar or maybe even nothing but if the service was good I would give at least 15% and outstanding even more. I think it shows class and also the fact that we are the select few out of most who understand hookah we have to realize that the server is not always going to be as if we were doing it ourselves. If they are trying and attentive and come by and there is always coal available I don't see how you can't tip. Just because it's not a restaurant doesn't mean you don't tip and I see most people stand in lines at clubs to get a crap drink and tip the hell out of the bartender just to try to get a buy back and the drinks may stink yet they get a buck or two for a glass of juice or soda with a shot if you're lucky in it for 2-10 dollars each. If you have people setting up hookahs, prepping bowls, cleaning the hookahs bowls and hoses and the price is fair then to not tip is just wrong in my eyes and it's people that don't tip that cause management to include it or prohibit it and charge more per hookah. We can cook at home and have a nice meal for two for $6 yet we go have the same thing at a restaurant for $30.00 and tip. Hookah is no different, we can make a bowl at home but choose to go out and listen to music and get waited on and try different shisha then we have at home and some tea or whatever and it is a social atmosphere and the owners have overhead so that's why you pay what you do. As long as it's a fair price and service is good you tip in my book and if you don't I think that's not cool and if the few dollars means that much to you then stay and smoke at home and don't worry about the price you're paying for a bowl. People in a service business who cater to you deserve a tip for their service if it's good and only if it's bad service do you not tip but I think when it's built in one way or another and a server knows they are getting paid regardless the service is more likely to be worse and it is motivating for them to work harder knowing that they will get a tip and if they know in advance you never tip why are they going to go out of their way to make you happy when I'm sitting next to you they know if I'm happy they have a 5 spot coming to them. That money means a lot to them and they appreciate it just as you would if you were serving someone.
  3. I have always traced headaches back to the coals, What were you using?
  4. It was always made in Jordan but read that they have been making it in the US now, at least some flavors. They are a good brand base in California. FUSION TOBACCO EMAD ABDALLAH. 2641 S. MAIN ST.CORONA CA 92882 UNITED STATES
  5. When you add hoses if you use four you are giving up your purge valve and can't purge your hookah. 3 works best leaving your purge valve in unless this hookah can take 4 hoses and a purge valve which I have never seen. Nice hookah btw.
  7. I found with the Alien you pack it pretty tight and go through two sets of two coals with a cover 50% of the time or more three times but last set of two isn't great or two sets of three with cover 25% of time and all tobacco is used and full flavored providing no burnt upper half and then the ultimate decision, what now? good remedy, use balance of unused shisha in an alien.
  8. I use brillo pad with soap off it and never had a problem that I have noticed. Just seemed like the thing to grab under the sink but I dont like them with the soap. I wash as best as I can and use brillo on the few spots I couldn't get off with sponge and rinse a lot after.
  9. Sale over, Mods please remove....Thank you
  10. I'll tell you Sabbath with Ozzy is the best, one of my favorites but when Sabbath had to go on without Ozzy for a few years Dio pulled it off big time and made great albums with them and his solo stuff was great too, RIP...
  11. I used to smoke I never ever crave a cigarette. I smoke hookah with a friend who smokes and he actually has to stop smoking hookah in the middle of smoking a bowl to smoke a cigarette and I think that's insane. I make him go outside to smoke. On a side note I have never had anyone walk in my house and say it smells bad or even bring it up and I smoke right off the kitchen in my garage with the door open. I let him smoke a few times and when I went out and came back in the hose and garage stunk. I just had to throw that in about the smell for some reason. Anyway I don't think that they will be affected at all but if you do smoke with them I would suggest a low nicotine shisha, not Nakhla, you have any shisha like that? Starbuzz maybe????
  12. [b]Starbuzz- Wildberry----- 200g $13 Starbuzz- Christmas Mix---150g $10[/b] [b]Starbuzz- Christmas Mix---250g New, unopened $16 This is what's left, anybody want anything before I close the sale? I'll make you a good deal and I have to check the weight on the open ones but the weight if it changed is close but if interested I will weigh it again. Let me know by PM or post here or both and I'll get right back to you.[/b]
  13. Bump!!! I want to buy your Tangiers Mini Phunnel Bowl, top dollar paid....
  14. I live in NY and often have to acclimate my Lucid but not for very long. Usually within 12 hours it's perfect and it's more of an airing out than actual acclimating.
  15. [quote name='antouwan' date='11 May 2010 - 04:50 AM' timestamp='1273567831' post='467552'] just wondering if there were any short handled hoses that you guys tried and liked. i'm starting to prefer the shorter handled hoses again, also because the have a shorter port end - which is nice. who likes having a huge, phallic-like protrusion sticking out of an otherwise slender and elegant hookah? not me. i'm currently using a MYA wide. it's alright, but the draw is still somewhat lacking. washable is a plus, kind of, but not a must. thanks, kids. [/quote] The KM Rainbow hose is a great hose and doesn't have a long handle and no port end handle and is a good price. Also the Nammor small hose has a short handle and no port end handle and is washable so that's good. I can't stand port end handles.
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