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  1. Illinois Il Smokers.

    Midlothian IL, bout 20min south of the chi
  2. Hey Every1, New Guy Here!

    Yeah I mean i wouldnt mind something smaller. maybe a medium size 2 hose or something, idk, but i just figured i'd get it for the price so now i'm experimenting with different brands/flavors of shisha, plan on buying another hookah sometime soon, maybe by the end of the year. yeah i know its missing the tray but not really a big deal IMO. some1 might be giving me a small 1 hose because he upgraded to a larger 2 hose but i dont know. i just like how its got a big opening on the vase, makes it easier because i like to use ice water with salt. but all in all, i'm satisfied with her!!
  3. Hey Every1, New Guy Here!

    haha, thanks every1, great to find such a nice forum, members seem so friendly. yeah i think i did good for 30$, hopefully try to get some smoking pics/vids up soon, may just wait till i get new hoses but i put about 75g through her so far last night/this morning and seems pretty darn good, atleast compared to any other hookah i have smoked
  4. Hey Every1, New Guy Here!

    nah, i plug the holes with a piece of paper towel when no hose is in it, yeah i understand where you're coming from but i mean..i got this hookah for 30$ though, i felt i couldn't pass it up
  5. Hey Every1, New Guy Here!

    uhh pretty good, better if i had new hoses, the last owner used it for the wrong reasons but i cleaned her pretty good, only about 2 of the 6 hoses are worthy of using, gonna try to get all new hoses within the next week.
  6. Hey Every1, New Guy Here!

    already have did i misunderstand a rule and do something wrong?
  7. Just sayin hey to every1, just recently got myself a new hookah (well used but you know what i mean). have been smokin hookah for about a year or so but just got this 1 the other day. nothing special but i got her dirt cheap. = )