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  1. I like the Nakla Jasmine.  Many of their flavors have a heavy dose of licorice to them, but if you like licorice that's obviously not a negative.  One of my favorite flavors (in Nakla, anyway) is their coffee.  It's mostly licorice with a coffee aftertaste, but to me it's like "serious" smoke and doesn't have the candy-like sweetness of most flavors/brands of Massel.  (Shisha is the pipe, not the tobacco you put in it, by the way...)   I've also tried the [b]cherry[/b] (like it), [b]banana[/b] (like it), [b]lemon[/b] (too harsh on the throat), [b]mint [/b](Whoa! Better when used sparingly in a mix) and [b]plain[/b] (what can you say, it's just tobacco).
  2. I'd start by reading through the archives here at the forum, but here's the Reader's Digest version:   Longer stem = cooler smoke Unless you have lots of people smoking your hookah all at once = single hose
  3. Which weed? Milkweed? Dill weed? Dandelions are considered weeds, too.   Frankly, I think they would all taste pretty bad, regardless of preparation...
  4. I bought from Caravansarai Imports via EBAY and found the quality to be generally poor. Prices were good, though.  As it is, I'm fortunate to have a number of local stores that carry hookahs. One that I visited just yesterday is stocked up for the holidays with [b]over 4,000 hookahs![/b] It was like being a kid in a candy store for me. I have three hookahs already, but almost bought another while I was there, marvelling at the variety. I did buy some tubs of Al Waha Cappacino and Rose, after being being invited to sample from some of the hookahs in the café.     Jasmin Market and Café 107 E. Main St. Richardson, Texas 75081 972.437.4522
  5. Outstanding review, Mr. Scratch, and an exellent mirror of my own experience.
  6. [quote name='MR Bubble']Ever fall asleep with a hose in your nose?[/quote]   Not since the accident, no sir!
  7. [quote name='MR Bubble']...We can compair barf chunks![/quote]   Thanks, but I think I'll pass ...   Heh.
  8. [quote name='To100YearsToLate']How do I get on this sample list?[/quote]   Sorry ... you're 100YearsTooLate.   The samples were sent to the first 10 (actually 11, I think) people to respond to George's offer.
  9. I had the same surprise when I checked my mailbox today, as well.   No blackberry in my samples, but I got your pomegranate and have just finished smoking the sample.  In all honesty, I've never had a pomegranate before, so I can't vouch for the authenticity of the flavor, which was subtle.  There was a reasonable amount of smoke with a delicate, sweet fruity flavor.   I also got Kiwi, Kiwi-Strawberry, Watermelon & Triple Apple in my sampler.  Reviews on those later.   Thanks, George!
  10. ... and rarely the easy way.   1.)  If you have a hookah and children, eventually the two will collide at the most inopportune time.   2.) Coals and carpeting don't like each other   3.) If, after dropping a coal on the carpeting (see #2) or having it knocked off by your children (see #1), DO NOT attempt to reuse the dropped coal.   4.) Burning carpet residue on coals can be hard to notice, even as the rusults of inhaling it are not.   5.) "Projectile vomiting" is not just a catchy phrase, nor is it easy to clean out of a computer keyboard.   6.) Following a long smoking session with a bowl of straight Nakhla Mint to "clear the sinuses" is like gargling Vick's Vapor Rub to ease a sniffle. My sinuses went so much cleared as scrubbed raw.   [b]What have you learned?[/b]
  11. [b]"Welcoming all reasonable customers!"[/b] [b][/b]  Heh... well put. I work in a business where excellent customer service is rarely noticed by our customers who have come to take it for granted. However, one little glitch will get them screaming incoherently to anyone who will listen.   Sigh.   As for the samples, good-bad-or-indifferent I appreciate your willingness to send them out. I will, however, appreciate them even more when they arrive.   Have you sent them all out? I am Keith Fink from your list, and haven't seen them yet.  Thanks again in advance.
  12. I'm fond of: [url="http://www.techism.com/narghile/en/article.html"]The Sacred Narghile[/url]
  13. [quote=TheHookah.com] I had about 20 people respond to the post.  I will get the samples out as soon as I can.  Thank you guys for your
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