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  1. detroitmak

    Tobacco Advice

    Hey everyone, thanks for the feedback.  There is a "waiver" for hookah smoking in NYC, its not easy, but its doable.  We have over 100 hookah bars. 
  2. detroitmak

    Tobacco Advice

    Hey Everyone,   Thanks so much for the feedback.  I only smoke Nakhla (Mizo and OG line), so it will be at the bar.  Tangiers, I have had some issues with heat management, but i have been impressed overall.  I agree @mattarios2 we need to offer a washed line for non-smokers, that could be Starbuzz, but our bar wont be very Bro-ey and I think we could live without.  The other day, I made my own Nakhla Blue Mist with 1/3 blueberry, 1/3 orange/lemon, 1/3mint and everyone loved it.  I could stick with just Nakhla and Tangiers but I really need a good washed line.  Any ideas?   Many thanks again,   -Bashar
  3. Hey Folks,    I am currently in the pre-startup phase of opening a lounge and I plan on offering a selection of 3-4 tobacco options.  Nakhla will be available as house or "well" level hookah tabacco, but I am looking for a midrange and top shelf level.    With that being said, what are some good midrange/top shelf options to try out?  we have considered the following.   Midrange Al Fakher - Most lounges use Al Fakher, but it provides us little differentiation and well, our focus groups perfered Nak over Al Fakher. Thats all we found.     Top Shelf Tangiers - Unique product offering, if we go with tangiers, most likely going to offer Birquq line as it is easiest to manage. Starbuzz - Again, many lounges offer this, but we are not a fan, beyond blue mist. Fumari - Well we like some flavors, and may offer those as options, but not have more than 3-4 options.   Any other suggestions?  Good tobacco and a healthy distribution channel are required.   -b    
  4. detroitmak

    Khalil Mamoon Rainbow Hookah Hose

    Price Updated: $40 Shipped in continental US for both. $35 for local pick up in NYC. http://newyork.craigslist.org/mnh/for/3552225425.html
  5. I have two Brand NEW Egyptian made Khalil Mamoon Rainbow Hookah Hoses and tags for $25 each shipped obo. Ill do $45 shipped obo for both. One is Black, the other Blue. [attachment=6104:6.jpg] For local NYC folk. http://newyork.craigslist.org/mnh/for/3515580463.html
  6. So I went christmas shopping in Dearborn while visiting family in Detroit. Took some pics of the hookahs... I think i got a deal... what do you guys think? KM Two-Tone Chiller $95 (came with Rainbow KM hose) "MK" Egyptian Hookah $45 (came with Rainbow KM hose) 3 Tonic Egyptian Wrapped Hoses $13 each 1 Mystique Ice Tip $14 [attachment=6101:1.jpg]
  7. Thanks everyone for your feedback. I think i may get the cheap KM from southsmoke (thanks fuckthatvincekid). There is also another vendor selling another KM for the same price I may try out. I own that MG that i got from Social Smoke, which I think owns HookahKings. I think they are the only ones that have MG's
  8. Hey Folks, I am looking to buy a decent quality Egyptian or Syrian hookah for a Christmas present for under $50. Do you have any suggestions? Is there a Christmas Gift Guide like they do for electronics (amongst other things) but for hookahs? Best under $25, $50, $75, $100, etc? Looking forward to your responses. -detroitmak
  9. detroitmak

    New Hookah Found On Craigslist

    [quote name='Chreees' timestamp='1355442686' post='564934'] Sure that tray isn't upside down?? Some Syrians have tray holders like that, like the short Al Nawras brass/wooden one I have. [/quote] Not sure, thats how I got the hookah, the tray looks odd the other way around and dosnt fit as well.
  10. detroitmak

    New Hookah Found On Craigslist

    [quote name='Chreees' timestamp='1355441865' post='564930'] How does she smoke? [/quote] Hopefully good. I just got her today, Ill let you know. The head it came with looks odd, Im going to smoke it with phunnel and let you know... Hopefully its amazing.
  11. detroitmak

    New Hookah Found On Craigslist

    Here is another deal I got just two weeks ago... Also $20, also came with a case and a pretty but horrible hose. It is a Tunisian Hookah made by Congoro. Below its pictured with a Razan hose. Whats unique about this one is how the tray sits on the hookah as seen in the pic. [attachment=6071:Tunis-Hookah.jpg]
  12. detroitmak

    New Hookah Found On Craigslist

    Also the arabic says Le-al-eh which means nights. Is there a Nights hookah company in Egypt?
  13. Hey Folks, Been a while since i have been on here. Lately I have been on craigslist finding amazing deals on unique hookahs. This is my latest find. Im pretty sure its egyptian, when i got it, it was covered with calcium and lime deposits. Picture shown. I CLR'd it up and now it looks amazing! Best part of it all was that it only cost $20. (plus $7 for the CLR.) -detroitmak Before [attachment=6068:old hookah.jpg] After [attachment=6069:Bashar-Craigslist-Hookah.jpg] It also came with this odd piece that i am unsure of. Anyone know what this is for? [attachment=6070:Weird-peice.jpg]
  14. Caravan Sells these... [url="http://cgi.ebay.com/ECO-BRICCO-Natural-Coconut-Hookah-Shisha-Charcoal-/360290593474?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&NHT (Non-Hookah Tobacco)=item53e2fe2ac2"]On Ebay[/url]
  15. detroitmak

    No Date On Al Fakher Package

    Could the AM 2G0920310 F Stand for something. Maybe the 03/10 stands for March 2010. (Manufacture Date) Just a guess.