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  1. Jello! It's nice to hear an update, Shawn!
  2. UK uses metric system so you'll have to be sure you buy a hookah that is compatible. Seriously though, grab a Mya Saray QT and call it a day.
  3. Apply more coal? Also, be sure your bowl is packed properly, holes pattern is good, etc... There's tons of tutorials, guides, how-tos, etc. on here and elsewhere on the net.
  4. I don't think you'll ever get an answer.
  5. Mya Saray QT was the bomb dot com back in the day, and they were only what, 12-14 inches tall? Very interesting pipe, would love to see more pics, especially of it in action.
  6. Yes, yes it did. I think all the nails are finally in the coffin, just one is still sticking up a bit...
  7. Stay hydrated, my friend.
  8. Contest has been over for quite some time. I'm closing this thread to prevent any further confusion.
  9. Check here for specials and announcements from www.glasshookahsforsale.com! Specializing in glass hookahs, glass hookah accessories, and shisha.
  10. The way we have it set up is, vendor reviews go here: http://www.hookahforum.com/forum/17-vendor-reviews/ and tobacco reviews go here: http://www.hookahforum.com/forum/129-new-and-improved-tobacco-reviews/ Once you have placed your reviews in the proper place, we can delete this thread for you. Thanks.
  11. I got your message in my email, but it doesn't show up when I get on the forum... Either way, most of the stuff you mentioned in your message we already have. Not sure why you're having trouble finding it, though.
  12. Hello and welcome! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. WINNERS: -Pianoman -thatboyred -thehelios Congrats guys! PM me your full shipping address (including your first and last name) and I will give it to TexasHookah so they can get your winnings out!
  14. Lol, it JUST ended, I will generate the winner in the morning when I have time. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. That's because product reviews don't belong in vendor reviews. Vendor Reviews are for retailers/vendors who sell products. You should find the proper thread for Haze under the Tobacco Reviews. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk