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  1. Coconara Fail

    out of the 90+ boxes of coco's I've bought I've had maybe 4 coals that did that it smelt horrible too...
  2. Arizona Smokers Az

    QUOTE (Abaco @ Aug 23 2009, 05:19 PM) Flagstaff AZ for college. Hit me up if you want to have a sesh sometime If you weren't a 2 hour drive =/
  3. Cheap Qts

    Hmm ended already..
  4. How To Set Up Tangiers?

    First your gonna have to get a phunnel bowl not a funnel
  5. QUOTE (Zinite @ Aug 20 2009, 08:00 AM) QUOTE (omgheyitskenny @ Aug 20 2009, 07:23 AM) If you want you can make the drive up to Tempe.. Cafe Istanbul has them Even the smaller tip? Mouth tip and the piece at the other end for the hose port. I have a few at the lounge I work at but since they're used I wouldn't want to sell you them over new ones
  6. Had A Weird Experience

    Did you eat before you smoke?
  7. Omg! Lady Gaga Is A Man!

    What is the hype on everybody wanting to see Eric? If the man doesn't want to be on camera then he doesn't You can always see him by going to his lounge
  8. If you want you can make the drive up to Tempe.. Cafe Istanbul has them
  9. I Just Realized

    Saves me a coal each session
  10. Arizona Smokers Az

    Hello guys Annual/Tuscani's APTs, AZ