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  1. that page is suposed to have a pic that links to this page [url="http://www.shishapipe.co.uk/tandc.htm"]http://www.shishapipe.co.uk/tandc.htm[/url]
  2. not sure if i get you but, on a multi hose sytem there is a stem for each hose to conect to the hookah it works just like a single hose but has more stems to be connected.. hope that helps if your talking about the air release screw thing and why they arnt on multi hoses its becuase that thing isnt really needed imo
  3. dayquil has been helping me out...
  4. Chaos


    I sent em a message, Im one of the people that have submited locations to you and i dont feel its right that they ripped your site but eh all hookah sites have the same tips and tricks page it was just a matter of time...
  5. Chaos

    Lessons Learned

    rofl wow sounds like you had a rought night bro
  6. i never did get my free samples but eh cant really complain about that, but makes me not want to order from them....
  7. I have a 18inch jr. Sultan that hits like a champ, really the water does most the cooling imo Start cheap invest later when you know you are going to do this very often
  8. Chaos

    New Al Amir Flavors!

    Woohoo I made it! Thanks again I will really keep you in mind next time I order something Justin Renberg
  9. Chaos

    Yet another Newbie!

    yup not too far away bout an hour well have the share info about local shops! Velvet hookah in deep ellum is said to make their own shisha and blends i havent tried them yet though
  10. Chaos

    Yet another Newbie!

    Welcome! in your blog says your in the dfw area? Me too!  
  11. Chaos


    Thanks! trust me I have read up on it I think I'm prepared and if I'm not I was warned haha but no it isnt my first time just my first hookah
  12. Chaos

    special review place?

    I agree this would be nice
  13. Chaos


    Hello everyone great forum I have been reading it for a few weeks now and decided to finally sign up because I ordered my hookah yesterday. I got an all black junior sultan like Jeff T. I got their deal where you get the hookah a box of sultan coals and 4 shisha tubs 2 sultan and 2 splash. I should get it on Friday or Saturday I’ll post a review of the coals and the sultan and splash shisha once I get a chance.