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  1. SeanBeccaccio

    Portable / Car Hookah

    [url="http://www.hookah-shisha.com/p-2808-leila-1-hose-portable-hookah.html"]Here[/url] you go.
  2. SeanBeccaccio

    Can Anyone Identify This Hookah?

    That's actually almost the exactly same stem, with a few minor differences. Thanks a lot guys. Looks like I got a pretty good price on it too. Awesome.
  3. [img]http://i257.photobucket.com/albums/hh208/SeanBeccaccio/Pic0029-1.jpg[/img][img]http://i257.photobucket.com/albums/hh208/SeanBeccaccio/Pic0039-1.jpg[/img][img]http://i257.photobucket.com/albums/hh208/SeanBeccaccio/Pic0038.jpg[/img][img]http://i257.photobucket.com/albums/hh208/SeanBeccaccio/Pic0040.jpg[/img]Picked it up at a local NHT device shop, they were having a blowout sale cause nobody was buying hookahs from them. (go figure) 50 bucks for the whole deal, case, brushes and all, so I couldn't pass it up. I know pretty much nothing about it except one of the other ones they had said made in Lebanon on the bottom of the base, and they seemed to be from the same maker.. (the girl that worked there assured me they were "straight from Egypt" before I looked) [img]http://i257.photobucket.com/albums/hh208/SeanBeccaccio/Pic0042.jpg[/img]
  4. SeanBeccaccio

    Favorite Smoking Tricks

    QUOTE (MonkeyFresh @ Nov 4 2009, 02:22 AM) QUOTE (SeanBeccaccio @ Nov 4 2009, 02:15 AM) There's not really a whole lot once you get past rings and french inhales.... I wish there was. There are tons of tricks lol just gotta be inventive/creative Ghost or snap inhale Cheerios (machine gun of little O's) Hearts (I believe you snap below a big slow moving O and hopefully it becomes heart shaped) O's through each other (big, slow moving O and then shoot a smaller one through) Dragons breath (exhale smoke in 4 directions, out your 2 nostrils and left/right sides of the mouth) one of my favorites that I don't think I've seen anyone else ever do... is to take a hit through your nose (with a mouth tip on preferably) then blow O's (out of your mouth of course lol) Most of those are just different things to do with rings, though. =/
  5. SeanBeccaccio

    Favorite Smoking Tricks

    There's not really a whole lot once you get past rings and french inhales.... I wish there was.
  6. SeanBeccaccio

    Who Believes This Crap?

    I've ordered stuff online from some shady-ass sites, and so far nothing has happened. I love internet shopping, cause then you can get exactly what you want, instead of settling for whatever they happen to have at the store.
  7. SeanBeccaccio


    What's with all the Alice in wonderland remakes lately? First Tim Burton's, Now SyFy's, and Marilyn Manson is supposed to be making one too.
  8. SeanBeccaccio

    What Kind Of Hookah?

    I've seen those online, the vendor isn't banned but I can't link to them for some reason? Just gonna play it safe and not even say the name of the site. I have a very similar one, and I'd say for 20 bucks it's a good deal. I'd take it in a heartbeat.
  9. SeanBeccaccio

    Where to buy Skyzz?

    That stuff flows like water locally dude, Seriously, it's everywhere. Anyone want to trade for some?
  10. SeanBeccaccio

    Body Adornment

    Both ears gauged out to 00's. Planning on going to 1/2 inches. Also I want my lip and my industrial done, but sadly I'm looking for a job right now and a lip piercing won't help, and I'm really afraid of how bad the industrial will hurl. Hahah. And I want a tattoo on my side, but haven't seen a design I want yet, m friend's supposed to draw me one soon. Plus I don't have the money right now.
  11. SeanBeccaccio

    Hookah Health: Some Unfortunate Research

    After the research that claimed NHT killed brain cells was proven to be complete bullshit I don't really trust any non-independent party's research. I apologize if this post does break the rules, I thought it pertained to the subject. I'll serve my time if it does. =P
  12. SeanBeccaccio

    Anyone Noticed This

    Well, I have a couple hookahs, blue aqua and red. I just buy black stuff cause black goes with everything. lol. Glow in the dark stuff seems cool, but I really like smoking with the light on cause I like to see my clouds. =P I actually built my own light up base but I never really use it. But I saw a guide SOMEWHERE on the internet on using electroluminescent wire to make a light up hose, sounds rad, but glowing stuff isn't really for me.
  13. SeanBeccaccio

    3 Coco's On A Small Phunnel

    When I break coco's in half they never last as long. Plus doing that is such a hassle.
  14. SeanBeccaccio

    Its Time We Realize.

    I must say, I watched that whole video and didn't even begin to grasp what he was trying to say. There were way to many analogies and similes and he skipped from topic to topic so much that I had absolutely no idea what he was saying, or what he's trying to do.
  15. SeanBeccaccio

    Washables Comparison

    Where can I find one of Scalli's hoses?