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  1. vickstephanie

    Replacement Part For Mya Hookah?

    Thanks! I think I have all my ducks in a row to start smoking again...and just placed a decent order of shisha and coals too. I haven't smoked in SO long due to a non-smoking apartment with no patio! But I don't live there anymore soooo it's hookah time!
  2. [img]http://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash4/388121_1187746514698444_105529526_n.jpg[/img] Me from like 15 minutes ago with my fabulous Afro Chicken
  3. Hey everyone...it's been a LONG time since I've posted on here but I was hoping somebody would be able to help me out. I recently rescued my beloved Mya Gyro hookah from my ex. After spending way more time than should have been necessary cleaning the vase and stem, I realized I'm missing a couple of pieces that were apparently victims of the move. I'm missing the top pieces for the stem-the washer that keeps the tray steady and then the piece that screws onto the top that the bowl fits into. Not sure of the technical term for that :/ Does anybody know where I can buy these replacement parts, or am I SOL? I would rather not buy a new stem just for these two little parts. I was planning on making an order for new shisha and coals tonight so hopefully with help I might be able to get the replacement parts too!
  4. So, I lost the small, flat metal circle that goes under the tray on my Mya Gyro. Without it, the tray isn't stable and it is irritating. I've been using a piece of cardboard as a replacement and it has been working out fine, but I'd really like to replace the piece! I can't seem to find just this piece online-can anyone give a girl a helping hand and tell me where to look (or at least what it's even called) Or, at the very least, if I order a replacement tray online-does this piece come with it? I don't need a new tray but I'm willing to buy one if it includes the piece I need! Or...maybe a suggestion on something I can use that is classier than cardboard! Since that doesn't really complement my pretty hookah!
  5. vickstephanie

    Smoking While Driving

    I keep really wanting to try this out, and almost actually did it last weekend (when I wasn't even going to be the one driving). I actually got the hookah completely ready except for the coal, right before I ditched the idea completely. It seems like one of those things that is probably a really great idea in theory, but a really horrible idea in practice. Plus I feel like it would be really awful to get pulled over while having a hookah going. Even if you've got nothing to hide, it pretty much gives them a pretty good reason to make you sit there while they either search your car or wait for them to get a warrant
  6. vickstephanie

    I Got Drunk And...

    I've tried to smoke through my nose while in an altered state of consciousness before, I couldn't even really get it to work, and the person I was with was staring at me like "Wtf are you doing"
  7. I would probably buy some of this as a joke to be like "lol check out my sweet ed hardy tobacco" but the hilarity of it isn't worth $30
  8. vickstephanie

    Al Fakher Shisha

    GRAPE. This flavor is sooo delicious! It's one of the flavors I want to have available at all times
  9. Last week I had my first "perfect smoke". My boyfriend and I were heading to Providence to go to a hookah lounge and to dinner but the traffic was backed up really bad, so we decided to just turn around, go smoke at home and order take out. So we got home, and I packed our Mya Gyro with a mix of AF grape and chocolate. I packed it a little bit looser than I usually do, because we weren't sure how long we wanted to smoke for/how long we wanted to smoke those flavors for. I started it with 1 coconara and it was awesome, good flavor and huge clouds, which I always get at the start of a hookah anyways so it didn't seem to different from usual. Once the first coal started getting small, put another one on it, still getting huge clouds and great flavor. Eventually, put a third coal on there and it was STILL going great and still had giant clouds and great taste. I was laying on the couch and hitting it pretty much continuously the entire time, with my boyfriend taking a few hits here and there. Around 11:30pm the clouds started getting small and it was a work/school night so we decided to just give it up. When we went to clean out the hookah, we had actually finished the bowl, which pretty much never happens for us since we tend to smoke for 1-2 hours usually. But it was perfect the entire time we smoked. I was really happy about it and I am hoping that ALL of my smoking sessions are that good from now on lol
  10. vickstephanie

    Hookahs Not Allowed In Apartment

    QUOTE (delSol_si @ Oct 7 2009, 09:02 PM) vicks...I have a question for ya. I know this is not part of the question you asked, but you seem like a good person to talk to about this since you are doing it right now. I talked to my buddy and his wife (whom he met down there) and he said he forgot about the alumni thing. He said you are right, to just do the summer gig, you have to be alumni. He said the reason he was able to get away with only doing it during the summer is that he had planned on doing it the entire fall semester, but the gal he met down there got pregnant and had to leave, so he left to and just quit. He said I could probably do the same thing, but I don't like that idea, I like leaving a good reputation behind anywhere I go. So, one thought I was having is to go ahead and attend college in the spring 2010 semester, then just get a regular job or whatever in the summer of 2010, then go to college in the fall of 2010 to complete the rest of my schooling and THEN do the disney internship in the spring of 2011. I read the rules awhile back and I think I remember them saying that you are eligible to do the internship after you graduate if you do it the very next semester. Pretty much it would be like me just not signing the graduating papers in 2010, doing the internship, then signing the papers, or whatever it takes. My buddies wife said that is what she did. What do you think? Would that work? It sounds like your friend was in the Fall Advantage program, I believe that starts at the beginning of the summer and goes to the beginning of January. And what you're describing sounds pretty much exactly like what I am doing. I am graduating in December, so I'll already be done with school when I go there. I didn't really want to take time off from school to do this and have to deal with working out with my school about getting credit for it and I didn't want to have to take classes while I'm there. They have some classes you can take there, though, or you can do online classes through your school OR take classes at a college in Orlando and get the credits transferred to your school. But if you decide to go this Spring you definitely should and we can be hookah buddies lol.
  11. vickstephanie

    Hookahs Not Allowed In Apartment

    QUOTE (deetman @ Oct 7 2009, 07:00 PM) Considering I am extremely qualified to answer this question I will and my suggestion is... DO NOT TAKE THE HOOKAH INTO YOUR APARTMENT AT DISNEY! The three apartment complexes that college program people live in are owned by Walt Disney World Parks and Resorts. As far as I know they do not handle the day to day management, but I could be wrong. Your apartment will be checked (they won't dig through your stuff/open things up) without prior notice by staff. How often they check them I forget, but I know it is at least once a month. If any of their "banned" items are found in your apartment, you will be called in to meet with the housing people and if the case is severe (i.e. illegal) you will be terminated (fired) no questions asked. They will not care if you are only smoking on your balcony, they still do not want your hookah in the apartment. If you think you will be able to "sneak" a smoke in on the balcony, think again. There is 24/7 security at the complexes and people are always coming and going due to working odd shifts. How do I know all of this? First hand experience... I did not live in the college program apartment complexes but in another complex a few miles down I-4 that had a ton of apartments leased to Disney for professional interns. Again, since they were the lease holder they could come and check on the apartments. Before I left to move in I checked through all of the documentation to see if "hookah" was specified as a do not bring and at the time it wasn't. After settling in and getting to know my roomates, I asked them if they cared if I smoked hookah out on the balcony, to which none of them cared. As a result I began smoking out on the balcony never having any issues. A few months later I left my hookah setup and tobacco (key part) on the balcony all night and forgot to grab it in the morning. Sure enough that day was an inspection. I later get an e-mail from the housing people asking who's hookah it was and that they needed to talk to them. I fessed up knowing that I wasn't doing anything illegal and went to talk to them. According to the housing people they had "incidents" in the past with hookah and it was a zero-tolerance policy regarding them. At this point I'm shitting myself thinking I'm going to lose my job because of some dumbasses but anyways... After talking with them in a very polite and professional manner and the fact that they noticed (the very aromatic) tobacco sitting right next to the hookah, they warned me never to let them see it in the apartment again. Which of course I complied with. So how does this really surprise me? It appears they took one of my suggestions to heart. During the meeting I explained to them that those that smoke hookahs for legitimate purposes do not believe they are paraphernalia. Since hookahs were not specified in the documents provided for moving in, I assumed I would be alright, but Disney views them as paraphernalia. As a result, I suggested to them that they make it clear (spelled out) in their policies that hookahs are not permitted. I know it sucks but you have to work with them. There is a certain image they are trying to achieve and want all employees to exemplify. If you really want to take your hookah I would suggest storing it in your car, in the trunk, and going somewhere off of the complex's property to smoke. I don't believe they have any right to search your car without the help of the police and a warrant. Hope this helps. Thanks! I think it is hilarious that someone on HF is the reason for no hookahs allowed at Disney LOL. I still feel like it is a BS rule but I get it, it just seems ridiculous that they aren't allowed in the complexes. I get the no smoking inside thing and the "image" thing, but aren't the complexes all gated and closed off from the public anyways? And yeah I am just going to do the leave it in my car trunk thing...Do you have any suggestions on places to smoke around Orlando that are public/free/smoking isn't prohibited? Are there any lounges in the area? I guess worst case scenario I will just drive around whenever I want to smoke and use my crappy windcover bowl that latches shut but that isn't as relaxing as just chilling around somewhere.
  12. vickstephanie

    Hookahs Not Allowed In Apartment

    Yeah...I think I am going to bring my small acrylic just to have one there, I'll leave it in my car when I'm not using it (I heard that they can search the apartments but I don't know if this is true). I really don't see it being THAT much of a problem as long as I don't smoke it inside the apartment itself. I just think it is kind of ridiculous that on a list of SIX THINGS that aren't allowed, hookah is one of them? But I really don't want to not be able to smoke at all for 4-6 months. They should at least just have a rule of "no smoking in the apartments" and let us smoke OUTSIDE. I bet that they only even say "no hookah pipes" because someone decided to bring it and smoke NHT out of it, thinking that they were clever by saying "IT'S FOR TOBACCO!" and ruining it for people who actually use them for shisha. That, or someone knocked a bunch of burning coals all over the place and ruined flooring or furniture. QUOTE (delSol_si @ Oct 7 2009, 11:56 AM) Can you give me some insight into getting the Disney internship??? That is my plan for the summer of 2010! I was told by my buddy who has done it before that I can't apply until January or February...is that true? How did you go about getting it?? Unfortunately there isn't a summer only program being offered right now and when there is, it is only for alumni who have already done an internship program there. There are at least 4 different types of internship programs there, I am doing the College Program which basically means I am spending next semester working at Disney World instead of going to school. You can apply right now for Spring 2010 (that's the session I am doing), and the Jan/Feb thing your friend mentioned is for the Fall 2010 program. Good luck if you decide to apply!
  13. vickstephanie


    One of the first times I set up a hookah at my house my mom wanted to smoke with us. And now she is obsessed with it. She keeps begging me "Buy more mint chocolate chiiiiiiipppppp that's my FAVORITE". I think I might order her a ton of Starbuzz Chocolate Mint just because she likes it so much lol
  14. So, in January I am moving to Orlando, FL and doing an internship at Disney World. I am living in their apartments. From what it seems, these are actual apartments and not dorms or anything. On the very short list of what is NOT allowed, is hookahs. Or bicycles. WTF. I even already had researched the 3 apartment complexes to find out about balconies, because I assumed smoking wouldn't be allowed inside the buildings (which is normal and fine...) I think I am going to bring a hookah anyways. I am probably just going to bring the hookah that was free on hookah-shisha with the chance they might actually care enough to take it away. But isn't this ridiculous and way too specific? I can't believe they are specifically saying no hookahs, is that normal for apartments to do?The no bicycle thing is also pretty strange.