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  1. OPR234

    Tazering An 11 Year Old?

    Thats okay, I can admit defeat, but I still stand by my general anti-tazer views. Besides, the purpose of this thread was to gather peoples opinions on the subject, not come at a general consensus as to whether or not it was justified, right? People get tazed every day and they dont make the news, it isn't my fault the headline is sensationalistic with the "victim"'s age. Just to beat a dead horse, defending yourself from a punch doesn't mean you have to block it. Back in high school, all the teachers were required to take a self-defense class/seminar thing, and I was talking with one of my culinary art teachers who brought it up and she told me she could take me down if I threw a punch at her. I was at least 6-8" taller than her, so I asked how. She told me to try to punch her to show me, and when I did, she grabbed my arm and pulled it, which I was not expecting at all and I lost my balance and almost fell. She could have easily pushed me further and subdued me (she was behind me at that point) but that wasn't necessary. My point is, if a short female school teacher can do something like this, I expect an officer to have better training in self defense, and the officer in question could have done something similar. However, I'm assuming it was just a punch and not a straight up attack, so I'm not anyone to say if the officer's use of force was really justified, I just doubt it was. I'm not trying to take the argument any further, and im sorry for reiterating old points . I have a habit of arguing just for the sake of the debate, so please don't take it personally when I don't agree with you.
  2. OPR234

    Tazering An 11 Year Old?

    Regardless of the lack of injury from being tazed, it is still very unpleasant, and uncalled for in this situation. Have you ever been tazed? I have, and I can honestly say i'd rather be thrown to the ground by a cop than be tazed. If the officer was truly unable to subdue this girl, then maybe it was necessary, but I still have a very hard time believing thats the case, regardless of the girls size and weight. I believe this because as i said before, police are trained in dealing with physical confrontations, they arent handed a taser and told "use this if someones acting up". Tasers are a last-resort alternative to lethal force to be used when the situation allows, or at least thats what I think, maybe policies of tasers have loosened up. But even if the policy allowed a tazer to be used, i'm not convinced that it was the cops best judgement.
  3. OPR234

    Tazering An 11 Year Old?

    Even so, cops are trained in self defense, its the cops fault for letting her guard down around someone who was obviously unstable and letting the girl hit her in the face. That isnt to say cops are capable of avoiding every injury, but cmon, if a cop cant stop a single punch to the face by some who im assuming has no martial arts training or anything like that, then something is wrong.
  4. OPR234

    Tazering An 11 Year Old?

    I didn't read many posts, but I read the article http://www.wcsh6.com/news/watercooler/arti...x?storyid=83671. I'm not expecting officers to be able to "take on everyone in the streets", i said i don't have a problem with using tazers on people in dangerous situations, which includes being faced with a person posing a risk that an officer would not do well in a physical confrontation with (EDIT: assuming the person was threatening the officer, or something like that). I have a very hard time believing that an officer would have a hard time overpowering an 11 year old. Am i expecting too much out of the people who are there to uphold laws? (EDIT: even mace would have been justified, but i'm not convinced tasering was)
  5. As far as i'm concerned, shisha doesnt go bad unless its totally dried out or moldy, or unsmokable in any other way.
  6. OPR234

    Tazering An 11 Year Old?

    The use of technology to induce compliance disgusts me. If cops wanna use tazers to get control of a dangerous situation, by all means, taze away. When they use them on people who are already subdued, its just plain fucked up. Whatever happened to an asp to the shins, or digging their knee into the back of someone they already have on the ground? Yeah, those methods of gaining control may cause mild injury, but if people are being that disrespectful to the police maybe they just have it coming, and its still less likely to cause cardiac arrest or anything else requiring hospitalization. In this case, I doubt the student understood how serious of an offense it is to assault an officer. An adult law enforcement officer should have had no problem simply physically overpowering the girl to arrest her. Police using tazers as a "solve-all" to the challenges they face in their line of work is unnecessary.
  7. I'll be honest and say that I didn't read many of the replies, so if what I say is repeating what someone else already said, my bad. My take on the whole "equivalent to a pack of cigarettes" thing only applies to nicotine and carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is deadly if you breathe enough to pass out and keep breathin it while passed out, but I haven't done any research on harmful side effects of it in nonlethal doses. The nicotine also only applies to unwashed shisha (as far as i'm concerned), however, cigarettes have additives that irritate your lungs in a way which enables more nicotine/anything else in the smoke to be absorbed into your bloodstream. Shisha does not, and although there is more nicotine in it, youre exhaling a much higher percentage of it. Until I see a study that operates a number of hookahs set up in the same way and analyzes all that smoke, then has a number of people smoke hookahs set up in exactly the same way and analyzes all the smoke they exhale and compare the results to the raw shisha smoke with results proving its actually THAT much more detrimental to your health, I'm not convinced. (hows that for a run-on sentence?) That said, as i'm sure other people have said, smoking isnt good for you. If youre THAT concerned about it, just moderate yourself. People these days are too concerned about being health nuts, in my opinion. Theres nothing wrong with enjoying reasonably unhealthy things. If youre concerned about your fitness, maybe shisha just isn't for you.
  8. OPR234

    My "beliefs"

    I was raised as a christian, and to this day I still believe in God. However, my personal standpoint on this subject may suprise you, so please dont write me off as some bible-thumping goody-two shoes. To to put my opinion on the things youve left open- Of course we're simply just changing the earth, whether the change is for better or for worse is up for you to decide. I dont believe the earth is actually alive, so can you actually kill that which doesnt live? I mean, its just a planet just like the other billions of planets out there. Other than that, I see your words as simple philosophical questions that only you can decide upon. However, I believe that you should make the most of what youve got, and if you have the time to ponder upon these things, life cant be TOO terrible to you, so take a step back, relax, and enjoy.
  9. OPR234

    Drunk Posting

    im not exactly sure what this topic is about, but im a little drunk right now and i havent posted in months, so cheers!!!!
  10. OPR234

    Dorm Wars

    Here's a little something I did to my buddy last year to start a prank war, but he was lame about it and nothing fun happened. Get some trash bags, newspapers, or anything sheet-like. Starting from the bottom, when he's asleep, tape the newspaper(or material of choice) over his doorway (so theres a little space between the actual door and the doorframe/wall) and make sure you tape the bottom at the floor too. Tape sheets all along the height of his door to the top. Before you seal the top off with tape, fill that empty space with popcorn, packing peanuts, and at the top throw a TON of glitter/confetti crap in there, preferably towards the top. I also added live crickets (obtainable from any local pet store), which is optional, but encouraged. Then seal off the top of the newspaper covering with tape(only necessecary with crickets). When he opens his door all this shit will fall on him and get in his room, and the glitter is impossible to get off which makes him look all retardedly sparkly for a day. I was hoping the crickets would stay in his room and annoy the hell out of him, but that didnt happen, we're not really sure about what happpened to all of them.
  11. -I packed your mom's bowl so hard, I blew her grommets so my stem leaked all over the place. -You breath is harsher than burning shisha. -Your mom taught me this trick with her tongue, check it out *blow smoke rings* -Your face is uglier than all of Mya's mini hookahs... combined -(say this to your friend when they pack a bowl and get red juice on their fingers)- dude, thats what my hands looked like when i was done with your mom. I had to give it a try....
  12. OPR234


    Everyone hates soex, but when I tried it i didnt think it was so bad. Almost every shisha has a different strategy to it to a certain extent imo, so just put some effort into getting it to smoke well. The only thing i didnt like about soex was no nicotine, i didnt realize how it can just relax you without a buzz, and smoking soex was kinda like "so now what?...."
  13. I have a large phunnel, and its ridiculously huge. Get a medium if its what you think you want. For your heat management, try using those two coals on separate sides of the bowl like you described, and use a windcover. They do wonders. If thats too much later on, take it off. If two coals get to be too much, just use one. It usually takes a little extra heat or something for thick clouds to start flowing quickly, but after that it doesn't take nearly as much to keep it going.
  14. Whenever I use my phunnel I use the mod. I dont think it has any benefit in terms of smoke quality a lot of the time, but its easier for me to manage coals and use a foil hole pattern that I know works well. I never bothered to learn to smoke the phunnel without the mod, so I just keep things consistent by using it whether I need to or not.
  15. OPR234

    Cool Or Not?

    My local hookah bar keeps some of their open tubs in a fridge. But you gotta keep in mind, that shit probably doesnt last long enough to suffer any negative effects. They store their unopened stock in tubs at room temp. If I remember correctly, putting your shisha in the fridge/freezer an hour or two you pack it and smoke it is supposed to make it a lot nicer somehow. I actually tried it, but it just took a really long time to start up and it never got really thick smoke. I dont know if i waited long enough or something, though. My opinion- keep it in airtight tubs at room temp, it gets started quicker and you still have awesome sessions. Keep the cold shit to the base.