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  1. $2500 Hookah...

    QUOTE (thecyrax @ Aug 20 2009, 04:53 AM) Zam zam rocks! What is Zam Zam?
  2. Using Charcoal

    QUOTE (Sonthert @ Aug 20 2009, 05:21 AM) Man. I haven't heard the name Fishawi in like 8 years. IMHO, al-fishawy's is like a holy shrine for hookah smokers.
  3. Using Charcoal

    Yup...it is so gooey and sticky I could stick something on the wall with it. I had to wash my hands twice to get the stickiness off. Even with the coals (three small ones) on the tobacco it was a smooth smoke and the flavor was good.
  4. Hello - I'm not receiving e-mail notifications in regard to threads I'm on, or have started. I check the box for this option and I even enabled it in the 'My Controls' sections. What am I doing wrong?
  5. Using Charcoal

    It came in a box, but in a metal/tin bag. I'm 90% sure it was this one: http://www.hookahreviews.com/2008/03/31/67/
  6. Using Charcoal

    Not sure what the tobacco I used was, but it was extremely gooey and sticky.
  7. Using Charcoal

    Hey - I just smoked a bowl about an hour ago. I used one of those metal screens. It was very difficult to get it to work - little smoke. So, I removed the screen and plopped the coals on top of the tobacco and it worked great. What did I do wrong?
  8. Using Charcoal

    Yup...it's a '63 SIIa 88 SW. We call him Grover and he is the only one...for now. You ought to check out my rebuild blog.
  9. $2500 Hookah...

    I have one that looks just like this one. Mine has a lidded bowl on the top though.
  10. Hello From Kansas

    Thanks for having me!!
  11. Thought I would pop in and say hi. I was introduced to hookah smoking many many years ago while in Egypt but haven't smoked for a while due to hookah troubles. Starting to get back into it though. There are about 4, or 5, lounges in the Wichita area now. My greatest hookah memory...there are two. 1) Ordering 'Egyptian' shisha when asked if I wanted 'Egyptian', 'British' or 'American'' 2) Blowing smoke through my nose. I guess the physical makeup of the middle eastern people make it hard for them to do that. When ever I would blow smoke through my nose they would pull up chairs and sit there to watch me. Once I became a regular at al-Fishawy's in the Khan el-Khalili I had no truble getting free shisha just so they could watch the smoke come out my nose!! Anyway, thanks for having me here.
  12. Using Charcoal

    Okay - this makes sense. The tobacco I got at the local Middle eastern store is a lot different that what I had at al-Fishawy's. In fact, I looked on the internet for pictures of hookahs at al-Fishawy's and noticed that a lot of them now have foil.
  13. Hello - I am new to the list, but not to Hookah. My first time using a shisha pipe was at al-Fishawy in an alley of Cairo's Khan al-Khalili. However, this is the first time I've looked at getting a new pipe here in the US. I have noticed that smokers use foil/aluminum to hold the charcoal. Why is this? In Cairo the server would just pile the charcoal on top of the tobacco. Cheers! Larry in Kansas