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  1. Right on, keep fighting the good fight! And awesome beard and hair
  2. QUOTE (Crys @ Oct 20 2009, 11:32 AM) Havana Plum - if it burns in the least I end up throwing up I actually quite liked havana plum, bad batch maybe? Mine wasn't like that And soex would be my choice, none of the scents/tastes are even that close, except for mint which shouldn't be that hard to make and still has a musky background smell Hah and Scoop, choosing anything that isn't tangiers or nakhla?
  3. QUOTE (FSUReligionMan @ Oct 18 2009, 02:31 PM) QUOTE (Bandito @ Oct 18 2009, 02:49 PM) you cant deny that knowing nakhla can take more heat than al fakher, and often can be packed much tighter, and stuff like that wont help out a beginner. I beg to differ, stuff like that seperates a beginner from a broseph Oh, sorry for stating the sentence in a weird way, i was saying that you can't deny knowing all that stuff won't help out a beginner, and since the purpose of this entire guide is to help out beginners that are new to the hookah world, i felt that including that stuff would be a nice addition
  4. I really suggest thoroughly going through the different brands of tobacco and what you know about them according to heat management, how tight to pack them, acclimating or no acclimating, how many holes, which bowl is best, advantages/disadvantages of each, washed or unwashed, etc I know a lot of that is subjective to each person, everyone has their own opinions on which methods work best, but you cant deny that knowing nakhla can take more heat than al fakher, and often can be packed much tighter, and stuff like that wont help out a beginner. I looked around for a thorough guide to shisha and couldnt find one, and i know there is a wiki on the site but this would put it all in one easy-to-find place But otherwise looking great so far!
  5. I would recommend a layalina flavor, like guava or mangosteen
  6. QUOTE (HookahJohn @ Oct 17 2009, 05:49 PM) just plain old single apple, preferably in the jar. How is this single apple? Any anise or other taste in it? All i hear about is double apple but i hear about anise from that too, i just want an actual apple flavor Oh and fsu i would give guava a try if you love real guavas
  7. QUOTE (HellCat @ Mar 15 2009, 02:07 AM) Wild Dagga Kratom Passion Flower Blue Lotus Yerba Wild Lettuce Damiana Skullcap St. John's Wort Kava Kava Mugwort Those 2 lists combined look about right
  8. Some ive tried and some ive heard good about: Guava, blackberry, pomegranate, mangosteen, vanilla
  9. QUOTE (cxc5120 @ Oct 16 2009, 01:05 AM) Still can't get tangiers to smoke right. I think the humidity where I live screws with the acclimation, but seeing as winter is roling around i'll be giving it another shot. Seeing as youre in FL like i am, i believe youre exactly right. During the summer down here is gets extremely hot and often rains so humidity fluctuates very much, so i cant get tangiers to acclimate at all. But now that winter is coming and winter is dry season then i think you and me will have a better chance at acclimating QUOTE (Hookie The Hookah @ Oct 16 2009, 02:07 AM) You should try more heat. This. But don't have huge expectations with nakhla when it comes to clouds, nakhla should also be enjoyed for the nice flavor and buzz you get from it But mattarios' method should help you out a lot too
  10. Dam thats really nice, all different brands and from what ive read pretty nice flavors also, enjoy!
  11. QUOTE (FSUReligionMan @ Oct 12 2009, 02:07 PM) NEVER light another coal on top of a coal sitting on a bowl Wait - why not? I've never tried it before, but is it an etiquette thing or is there an actual reason, like it weighs the bowl down or doesn't light properly or something?
  12. Enjoy the strawberry! Plus im sure youve read to probably have some food and plenty of water in you
  13. Yea social smoke is an ok site, especially if its your first time ordering from there, because you get plenty of discounts for your first register And they do have a great selection of MZ hookahs, thats where i got my first order ever from But their shisha selection has some brands missing, but if you like AA and layalina then you're totally set for a long while it looks like, ENJOY!
  14. I don't have an educated answer but it makes sense i guess because winter means dry season here and so i can't even use tangiers in florida during the wet season summer because humidity fluctuates so much with almost daily rain, so winter having less rain so less humidity fluctuations makes sense
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