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  1. those are sweet! I know some people might not like this, but it looks like you could fit a filter into the heads pretty easily. Couldn't hurt right? Might affect your smoking performance. http://www.1percent.com/zen-superslim-ciga...rs-bag-200.html
  2. [LB]

    Dream Hose

    extra long Mya inner tubing, threaded head you can screw off (babu bakr of course) with a velvet leopard pattern hose cover. Golden tassels dangling from the head that tickle your hand when you take a hit. I've given this one some serious thought.
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  4. [LB]

    Can You Take Any More God?

    QUOTE (Sonthert @ Nov 5 2007, 03:16 AM) Lets deconstruct reality. First, I accept myself as real. If I'm not, then the rest of the process is irrelevant. Lets pose a question "Does the Earth exist?" I would critically reject it without some proof. By definition, the Earth IS real...I'm walking on it. What is it shaped like? I don't know...yet. I define the Earth as the thing I am standing on. I believe in nothing until I can reasonably fail to reject the premise that it's true. You can't reasonably demonstrate god(s) exist. Isaac Asimov, I think, pointed out:"Why is it that when people see an Unidentified Flying Object, they assume its from another world?" Likewise, the religious people of the world, when confronted by something unexplained explain it using god. Its the height of arrogance. well said , as always
  5. [LB]

    Can You Take Any More God?

    Let's say an alien came down to the planet one day and stumbled upon Scientology, which we think is ridiculous, why wouldn't he feel the same about Christianity? Here is what he would define Christianity as in his book (and so should we, but because we are raised Christian we are prejudice and have that thing called 'faith'). Christianity: The belief that a cosmic Jewish zombie who was his own father can make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh and telepathically tell him you accept him as your master, so he can remove an evil force from your soul that is present in humanity because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree. Religion in my opinion is just the lazy man's way of understanding the world. Just say it's god and move on.
  6. [LB]

    Can You Take Any More God?

    QUOTE (Gaara @ Oct 25 2007, 06:23 PM) Your lack of faith is unsettling. Do you have any faith or do you always have to see something in order to believe it in your heart? what is faith my friend? pretending something is there that is not, it is a statement "I will believe in this although it is not true or unprovable, I will swallow this lie and not question". I find it incredibly unsettling that so many people buy into the lies of religion. It spills over into real life where we have faith in a president, who abuses our faith and launches into a war on a lie. Faith is ridiculous, and the word itself is an abomination and should never be glorified. QUOTE (Theophage @ May 21 2007, 04:58 AM) QUOTE (insidius @ May 20 2007, 11:20 PM) Hell, if half the people who were religious followed their beliefs to the T, we'd have a lot less problems in this world. Actually, I would think the opposite to be true. Fundamentalists seem to be causing a lot of the problems -- you don't see religious moderates flying airplanes into skyscrapers or blowing themselves up in crowded marketplaces. Just a thought... most people believe that fundamentalists practice a perversion of their faith (I can speak for the Muslims on this one). They have a preconcieved agenda and find a way to demonstrate it through their religion, transforming a regularly 'evil' idea into a 'holy and righteous' idea.
  7. [LB]

    The BBC is Biased

    QUOTE (Johnny_D @ Aug 10 2007, 10:04 AM) The BBC have allways been biased. There coverage of 'middle east' issues is a bloody joke. I can't even stand to watch it anymore JD that goes for you too JD
  8. [LB]

    The BBC is Biased

    QUOTE (oggie505#2 @ Aug 2 2007, 09:15 AM) We started this mess and we need to make sure it is finished, not that it can really ever be. at what costs? It seems to me that we are caught in the middle of an inevitable civil war. As for calling the BBC biased that is outlandish. Just because they report global affairs as opposed to only American affairs does not mean they are anti-American, they are just more open minded (people usually equate open-mindedness with liberalness). I would not be surprised if you were one who found fox news 'fair and balanced'. And if you are to make such aggressive statements, let alone start an entire thread about it at least provide ONE fact to support your argument, or ONE example. Anything really, how do you expect us to believe you otherwise? So do a favor to your credibility and Wikipedia BBC or do some Google searches and dig up some dirt before you make ultimatums.
  9. QUOTE (Dr. Atkins @ Nov 2 2007, 12:38 AM) Bleach ill second that. I use bleach to get rid of the gunk in my hookahs. Mix it with water and do the same of the vase. Inhaling any sort of mold is really bad for your health (and doesent taste too good either)
  10. isnt truth funder by philip morris?
  11. [LB]


    Hookah is bad for you, we accept that. It has done terrible damage to my endurance when i wrestle and my sinuses (over 4 years of smoking), but I will assert that it is better for you than cigarettes. Definitely not like 100 cigs, whoever says that is out of their mind, you should send her a letter asking her to try it for herself! The scary thing is that articles like these are read and make it harder for good people hookah smokers to smoke their hookahs!
  12. QUOTE (OBY @ Oct 20 2007, 12:40 AM) Ok so I was drinking when I decided I wanted hookah. Did you wake up in the morning to find that your microwave had exploded?
  13. they will all rock your socks, but it also depends on what flavors your going for. ill shoot this at you. 1. Al Fakher- Melon 2. Al Waha- After nine 3. Al Amir- Caramel Apple These, IMHO are the best flavors of their respective brands. This is how they match up against the best flavors of the other brands. Again just my opinion!