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    oh sweet thank you very much looking for these time to order
  2. QUOTE (Anxiety @ Jul 10 2008, 11:54 PM) alright i was wondering if any one has orderd a small funnel from hookah-shisha.com, on the site it says it holds 20-25g of tobbacco, but when i orderd my small funnel bowl from hookah company it held about 35-40 grams. i was wondering if any one has orderd the small one from hs and it actually does hold a small amount, thanks a bunch i heard that they just get mixed up with the description, might want to call them and make sure it is smaller or what not, i know hookahcompany has the small funnel thats where i got mine but ya mine also holds around there. weird
  3. QUOTE (mattarios2 @ Jul 10 2008, 09:03 PM) and was under the impression it was washable. Just got it in the mail, it smelt like plastic so I washed it. Now I am finding out it is not washable? FRIGGIN GREAT, JUST WASTED 30 FREAKIN BUCKS BEFORE I EVEN USED THE DAMN THING. you will be find just blow out the water hang it up let it dry out good, unless you were referring to the hose not be washable
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    DAFyrdchiken13 play COD4, halo, RSV2, BB,GTA IV
  5. QUOTE (bobosap @ Jul 8 2008, 11:59 PM) QUOTE (OC4111 @ Jul 8 2008, 04:55 PM) yeah. try 2 cocos with the heatshield. I usually use 2 cocos on my jet phunnel to get a bowl going but with tangiers being heat sensitive i have to remove one. My smoke does thin out obviously but that's because i didn't have a windcover that fit until today. just loaded the bowl that came with the KM and put 1 40mm 3 king on it (didnt feel like waiting for the cocos to heat up) and its smoke great, but now there isnt much taste >.< try the cocos, what tobacco
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    Cocoa Beach/ Jacksonville 321 to da 904
  7. QUOTE (shoresidejake @ Jul 4 2008, 05:52 PM) LOL we'll be down there tomorrow too! ya i would be down there im back up in jacksonville.
  8. QUOTE (khearts @ Jul 4 2008, 04:02 PM) Hey ppl, Im going to florida 2moro in the Orlando kissimmee area. I was wondering wheres the best/closest places to buy some shisha stuff, like tobacco, coals? and is there any lounges? Im looking for some starbuzz, blue mist again, and im from the uk, so will be cheaper to buy here. Thanks p.s looked around to see if theres anywhere else to post, but the vendor section was just stickies, so thought maybe here is the best. Thanks here are some lounges in the area, been to natura before and dont really care for it. Meridian Hookah Lounge 3050 North Alafaya Trail, Suite 1012 Orlando Florida 32765 Natura Coffee & Tea 12078 Collegiate Way Orlando Florida 32817 Shiraz Grill 6427 Westwood Boulevard #102 Orlando Florida 32821
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    Coco Naras

    QUOTE (melanko @ Jun 19 2008, 06:31 PM) I love Coco nara's. I need to order more cause I used up my 84 count box like a week and a half ago. I'll have to go with everyone else and say that is was a bad batch because the CoCo Nara's I used are excellent. A++ cocoa naras are the shizznit, maybe bad batch or what not, never get a taste from them, or really a smell
  10. QUOTE (esheg4ever23 @ Jul 3 2008, 02:19 AM) I'd just try using naturals and see if that changes anything. i switch for QL to coco naras big difference, i can never go back to QLs.
  11. QUOTE (SuburbanSmoker @ Jun 28 2008, 02:03 AM) good people, great advice, good place to be ;P def. i find all my info here, even though i never post for the past years. hookah forum is the shizznit
  12. QUOTE (mattarios2 @ Jun 25 2008, 11:41 PM) It's not bad but like if you look down the entire hookah it's all nice and smooth, then at the bottom pipe that sits in the downstem, there is a little bit of corrosion and like discoloring on the inside. The outside is nice and shiny. I'm assuming it's just b/c they are handmade and may not use the best materials and best manufacturing processes. Anyone else? when i got my new KM, on the bottom of the stem were the pipe comes out, had some corrosion. so might be somewhat a processes of the manufacture. I was wondering that also. works like a charm though.