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  1. is the focus the hatchback or sedan?
  2. thats really weird about the only suggestion i can think of is uninstall and reinstall then restart your computer
  3. what operating system are you using? Only thing i can think is maybe your webcam isn't compatible with your operating software
  4. did you download the software directly from the logitech website or somewhere else?
  5. oh snap shit just got real
  6. I've done somewhere between 50-60 don't remember the exact time it was longer then two full days but not 3 full days. I was barely out of high school and got a good stretch of call of duty going on ps3 no joke most of it was ps3 playing time
  7. Just like Thatonethere said it all depends on what you want to do. as for me i have my eargs gauged to a 2 so not nearly as big as you are talking about wanting to go to. obviously because im military I can't wear them to work and I'm not supposed to wear them on base. I see a lot of people thought outside of the military that have trouble finding a job because of the gauges they either have or had in their ears at some point in time because some places still find it to be unprofessional until recent years visible arm tattooss were a big no no and now they are becoming more accepted. my cousin has his ears to an inch of course he's never really been the professional job kind of guy. Now he works for the high school doing maintenance on the school and construction for his dad during the summer and during off time from the school. If your trying to get into something corporate someday i would say stay away from the larger holes but if you plan on something else i'd say go for it but you may have consequences later. just my thoughts on the matter
  8. well my main bracket isn't looking to bad but not to great either lol. this bracket.looks good on the bottom two brackets lol but the top bracket fucked me over
  9. oh oh is there that men's soap on a rope? i love that stuff it smells great! no home btw lol
  10. in my opinion i say save that text. then you really have two choices take her to small claims court (not really sure what your going to court for just assuming) keep in mind that depending on where you are small claims court is not so cheap. You may end up paying more into court fees and such then you actually get out of her. Sometimes you can try and get them to pay the court fees plus what ever they owe you but that's not always going to happen. Or count it up as a loss and just forget it. Now back on topic though when I used to work at a T-Mobile call center we had no way of blocking someone from texting your number. Now i don't know about this for sure but maybe if her cell phone is set up to forward to a house phone maybe the texts will forward to that's why your getting that message? I can't confirm that. I do know that a lot of times now though that if you text a house phone then the phone will ring and when they answer there will be a automated message that reads who sent the text and what it says. Maybe she has been replying with those messages trying to be sly.
  11. [quote name='Tyler' timestamp='1300257305' post='501664'] SDSU will choke and so will Notre Dame, they didn't play anyone worth their seeding, plus Notre Dame will choke against any team from a real conference like they always do in March. [/quote] Tyler you can bite me! i have to show love for the mountain west plus i think SDSU has a legit shot.
  12. not trying to push anything on anyone but there was obviously someone watching over him during the accident that was a head on collision with a chevy impala no clue what the speeds were but he walked away just found out today that he did have an injury he cracked his fibula but has been walking on it all week and barely got it xray'd and found out about the crack
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