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    Hi All ...

    QUOTE (delSol_si @ Jul 27 2009, 07:59 AM) http://hookahjohn.com/product.sc?productId...p;categoryId=11 check that out. Its not an ultimate, but it is KM and it is a very nice hose, I own one and it smokes great. Started leaking after 3-4 months, but eric has informed me that is normal. John said the KM "AS" is also a good KM hose. i know there is alot of good hoses but i "adicted" to this hose lol but if i will not fins some why get this i buy nazzor hose and standart km hose
  2. Dan_E

    Israel Smokers

    jerusalem israel someone here order a hookah from american sites?
  3. Dan_E

    Hi All ...

    the ultimate is out of stock man .. i tried to find every where and i saw only on thehookah.com and 2 site wich look's not secure and all is out of stock and i remember i saw on hookahcompany.com but is out of stock too it was some months ago lol // i need site wich secure and sell the ultimate .. someone know if shipping go to israel or need send it on afly ...
  4. Dan_E

    New Hookah ...

    ooohh i hate that flavor try Fakhfakhina or peach or watermelon
  5. Dan_E

    New Hookah ...

    nice egyptain hookah u need to tell us if that hookah is good set up the hookah and tell us amigo
  6. Hi Everybody i need some help i tried to find a site that not fraud customers wich sell Ultimate Khalil Mamoon Hose but i didnt find can someone give me site/s