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  1. Placed another order with John: 1 012 Nakhla 250g 9.50 11.50 Nakhla Flavors: Mizo Mint +2.00 1 012 Nakhla 250g 9.50 11.50 Nakhla Flavors: Mizo Watermelon +2.00 1 012 Nakhla 250g 9.50 11.50 Nakhla Flavors: Mizo Guava +2.00 1 012 Nakhla 250g 9.50 11.00 Nakhla Flavors: Sherazade Marguerita +1.50 1 012 Nakhla 250g 9.50 11.50 Nakhla Flavors: Mizo Cherry +2.00 Haven't tried Nakhla yet, so I'm quite excited.
  2. I tried watermelon on Tuesday and I think it is definitely worth a try.
  3. Do You Need Coals?

    Anyone else notice that buying 2 30 packs of the AF Coals @ 2.99 each is cheaper than buying one box of the 60 packs @ 6.75?
  4. I tend to use a fan when I heat up coals and in my opinion it goes significantly faster.
  5. Happy Discovery!

    I smoke in my dorm nearly everyday, all you need to do is prop open the windows and set up a fan.
  6. Is It Bad That I Want To Do

    I have one and I love it.
  7. Just put in another order: Tangiers 250g #1:: "lucid" watermelon Tangiers 250g #2:: "lucid" maraschino cherry Tangiers 250g #3:: "lucid" mimon Tangiers 250g #1:: "lucid" it's like that one breakfast cereal - NEW! Tangiers 250g #2:: "lucid" horchata Tangiers 250g #3:: "lucid" cactus fruit
  8. I just got my Narbish today and I can't say enough good things about it. Definitely the way to go.
  9. They have one of these at one of the local tobacco stores, I think it sells for $400.
  10. Dogs! Show Them!

    [attachment=4020:n1364430...279_1136.jpg] [attachment=4021:n1364430...0278_861.jpg] [attachment=4022:n1364430...0277_558.jpg] [attachment=4023:n1364430...275_9968.jpg] They're not mine personally, they're family dogs, but its nice to see them for the 5 months of the year I'm home.
  11. Just placed my first order with John: Tangiers Lucid 250g 3 Pack: Tangiers Lucid:Green Tea Tangiers Lucid #2:Orange Soda Tangiers Lucid #3:Passion Fruit1 Nabrish Hose (Black) 1 Tangiers Small Phunnel Bowl
  12. Video Games

    Currently Playing: Call of Duty Modern Warfare (Xbox 360) Fifa 09 (Xbox 360) Left 4 Dead (Xbox 360) NCAA Football 10 (Xbox 360) Waiting on: FIFA 10 NHL 10 Left 4 Dead 2 Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
  13. How Do You Fund You Hookah

    I'm an actuary intern for a school district, a tech-support specialist for my father's company, and a lifeguard. Got to make money before I head back to college.
  14. Favourite Hookah Pastime

    I usually have a couple of friends over, sit outside, and play a couple of games of Scrabble.