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  1. What is it? Looks like an ugly bookend to me...
  2. Mailing List

    [quote name='Zildjian' timestamp='1313592652' post='520174'] i cant report my own post for lude content checkmate josh....checkmate... [/quote] how about for referencing illegal drugs? Or did you mean "lewd"?
  3. All Excited For Nothing

    I'm surprised that any retailer would ship without requiring an adult signature for tobacco sales. I would expect that should be a legal requirement.
  4. Satyr Takes A Week

    [quote name='TheyCallMeDave' timestamp='1302213200' post='504592'] You know, I made this mistake my second day here. But looking back.... Why didn't I have the common sense, or anyone for that matter, to think"Oh, maybe NHT references wouldn't be allowed on a site that prides itself in changing the stigma attatched to a tobacco waterpipe?" [/quote] Because if you follow any reasonable standard logic it would make sense to discuss the subject and educate people, instead of panicking and censoring like an Amish PTA mom. But, it ain't my playground, so I follow the rules and mostly just grumble to myself in the corner. But that's just my opinion, I may be wrong.
  5. Where Does The Time Go?

    I'm still just lurking.
  6. [quote name='king_lunchb0x' timestamp='1301103278' post='503046'] why even waste time selling that crap [/quote] because when he was selling it, it was legal, and people were buying it. That is what business is about. [quote name='Allstar' timestamp='1301119390' post='503080'] Yes it is. That is funny. Now I wonder if the shop is going to stay open or not. [/quote] Why wouldn't it? They will just have one less product on the shelf. [quote name='INCUBUSRATM' timestamp='1301122941' post='503084'] Sorry Josh, but a place that openly sells illegal shit is not a place we want here. [/quote] See above. when he was selling it, it was legal If you take the time to read the article, it was banned on Wednesday, and taken off the shelves Thursday.
  7. Coal Carrier?

    I use pie tins, they have they added bonus of being full of pie when first purchased!
  8. For myself, I think I'll have to go with washed tobacco. If I smoke unwashed, it sends my blood pressure up to heart attack zone. Eric once theorized I might have a nicotine allergy.
  9. Central Hookah

    It sounds lke a good way to go through a lot of tobacco very quickly.
  10. My Friends Are Idiots

    [quote name='INCUBUSRATM' timestamp='1295332744' post='494787'] Ew. See, now if it made the vase water like a blue lagoon instead of swampy, I'd be buying that shit up in a heartbeat. I mean, who doesn't want Brooke Shields nekked in their vase? [/quote] Nice Lady. I stayed in her house a few years back. It was a multi-level estate overlooking SF bay, with a view of both bridges and Alcatraz, all while sitting on the can in the master suite. We were up there recording Duran Duran.
  11. I don't trust anyone with a freezer that clean with no ice cream. [quote name='Epoch' timestamp='1294702776' post='493932'] [url="http://www.hookah-shisha.com/hookahlove/4897-mystique-hookah-ice-hose-tip-taking-the-chill-factor-of-hookah-smoking-to-the-next-level.html"]http://www.hookah-sh...next-level.html[/url] Top Secret! [/quote]
  12. time, baking soda, and an air compressor.....
  13. Alone On An Island.

    Smoking is great and all, but... [size="7"]Why is the rum gone![/size]
  14. Coconut Hookahs

    I may be dating myself, but I used to have a 45 of Spike Jones singing it.
  15. The Founding Of The Hcec

    Don't get to into the origins of hookah, or administration might do the math and figure out that hookahs were not originally used for tobacco, but for NHT for centuries!