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  1. Smileys Ulti

    Happy 21st Erica!

    Happy Birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday dear Erica Happy Birthday to you. Many More Smiley
  2. QUOTE (jerjer72 @ Mar 13 2007, 11:21 PM) I don't care about clouds, or buzz I just want one that tastes good. So far I am looking at Al Waha and Al Amir for cola. Al Fakher and Havana would be other choices too but I heard those weren't as good. But I still don't know which has the best taste. I don't want a gross icky taste I want a nice refreshing taste. I really enjoy Havana Cola. I like to mix Cola with a cherry or a orange shisha. I also like to add a 1/2 can of cola mixed with water in the vase for a added flavor. Farver would like a Liter of Cola lol Smiley
  3. Smileys Ulti


    I like Dub Adicts , Justice System, Liquid Soul, Try also the Budda Box Set. Smiley
  4. Smileys Ulti


    Hello everyone. Spoke with Mr.T he has givein me the green to sell Tangiers in the Nargile Club. WOOT WOOT What do you want as far as flavors to be carried in the Nargile Club? Hope all is well. Glad to see the ones who have left the Hookah are now comeing home. Welcome Back. Smoke Well Friends Smiley
  5. Smileys Ulti

    Bar Shisha List. Updated.

    SmokeStackers will rock so hard. Go... Smokestackers Smiley
  6. Smileys Ulti

    Ss Oasis

    I would have to agree whole haertedly with EL. Most of Social Smoke Hookahs are the Bomb Yo. LOL But really go for it. You won't be sad. Smiley
  7. Its nice. But its to bad that they are not glazed yet. I would stick with the Oringinal if your able. I personlly like Tangiers better. Thats just my opinion. Also I feel like they stole his idea and makeing it in a cheaper quality. Its the priciple. Now if they were offering some sort of gratuity for selling and recreating the same thing. I would think and feel that is right thing to do would be to contact Tangiers and ask to recreate his Clay Head. But to take the idea and make it behind his back that is so not cool. Again this is my personal opinion. ALSO i would like to remaind production houses. Do not reproduce any of the Smiley Products with out consent of Smiley's Ultimate Inc. copyright 2004 thank you and smoke Well friends. Smiley
  8. Smileys Ulti

    Hookah In The Movie 300!

    My littlle brother saw this movie. he sadi it was awsome. I had mentioned that there was a Hookah in the movie. He replyed there is a bunch of Hookahs. Big Props to the wrighter. Smiley
  9. Smileys Ulti

    Acclimating shisha

    I will load a bowl and then empty it on to a tray of some sort and let it sit while i prepare the rest of the hookah. Even after I set everything up I will let it sit again with the hot coals on the bowl. This way the shisha is ready and yummie to smoke. Smiley
  10. Welcome to the Forum. Hope your stay is a plesant one. Please make sure to read the bylaws. We love new folks joining our group. One more time with feeling. WELCOME TO THE HOOKAH FORUM.. LOLOLOL sorry. Smoke well Smiley
  11. Smileys Ulti


    I personally love the Chocolate. I really like a combo of Blueberry and chocolate. Thats yummie. I like the Watermelon alot and the Orange Soda. There are a few others but I can't remeber off the top of my head. I smoke to much LOL Smiley
  12. So I was looking around for some shisha. I had smoked all of the flavors that I have all the time. So needless to say I was Board with everything. I remembered that I had put some in the fruit drawer in the fridge. I found Nakhla Strawberry So i thought I would smoke some. I have a new Colbalt Blue Pyrex Tulip Bowl I thought I would try it out. I fired up three cubed of three eagle silver coated charcoal and was useing my Nargileem Screw Top Hookah and Washable Hose. I have to say that the strawberry is really good. Fresh flavor of strawberry. Also the Tulip Head has a 1/4 inch lip of glass. This was perfect to place the three coals on the edge of the surface of the head. I also used a Pyrex Screen. Man this is a good session. Yes I'm smoking by myself. But it is very good. I would try this brand and flavor if you haven't and if you have try it again it may suprise you. It sure suprised me. Smiley
  13. Smileys Ulti

    Upset And Bleeding

    Dude that sucks so bad I had a eygyptian vase break when I twisted the stem off. I cut the shit out myself. I know which Hookah your talking about. I have the same one and have had zero problems with. But I do grab it by the metal fitting. Soorry to hear that. Hope your ok. That crack and the pressure is what caused the breakage. I really dought the quality had anything to do with your miss fortune. But Caos does like to play around once and awhile. Luck of the draw I guess. Smiley
  14. Here is my loaded Hookah Head. Nakhla Peach in bowl. Getting ready to smoke outside.Its 80 degrees here. LOL Smiley
  15. Smileys Ulti

    Ooohhhhh Man

    QUOTE (Jeepman775 @ Mar 6 2007, 08:09 AM) Just got some Nakhla orange and hot damn is it some strong shit. Knocked me on my ass, couldn't smoke it more than like a half an hour. Man this is some hardcore stuff. Oh I love most of Nakhla Shisha it definatly rocks my head. I love the Double Apple. I like to add fresh apple juice and milk with ice and some water and a bowl of double apple.Thats tradition right there. I also add like three to five sprigs of mint shisha to the double apple. If you like mint add more. I don't really care for mint unless I'm sick. I also love there Strawberry,Peach,Melon,Peach,Vanilla,Coconut a few others.But everytime my head gets nice and steamy..... I love there Banana I swear the world wigles.LOL Smiley