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    Miamisburg, OH soon Santa Monica CA!
  1. Zoe Onyx

    Lime Wire Trap!

    Just to let you guys know I work for an anti-piracy company. Be careful what you download from sites and if you have the downloader edonkey, you may accidentally download kiddie porn even though the title states it's Wall-E for instance. I'm just giving people a heads up.
  2. Zoe Onyx

    German Smokers

    Here I thought people would be from Berlin or Munich and I get 2 people from k-town?? CRAZY! I'll be in town on Tuesday for 2 weeks. My parents live in Miesau. If you guys know anything please let me know where the good spots are. I've lived there almost my whole life and never got into Hookah until I went to college.
  3. Zoe Onyx

    Ohio Smokers Oh

    Miamisburg which is close to Cincinnati though. I'm trying to find some sweet Hookah places so if anyone knows please! TELL ME! Or if you wanna meet up I'm down!
  4. See I would be way too scared to let anybody and anything near that thing! It's awesome though! I just ordered my first KM and it should be here tomorrow. My first hookah came from Sahara Smoke (lesson learned). I'm a quick learner!