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  1. First Job

    I'm still at my first job -- in my defense, I started there a year ago, haha. I work at a salon as a receptionist/salesperson, because we also have a very large store in the front of the place. My official title is "Beauty Consultant" which just cracks me up... come consult me about all of your beauty concerns! Anyway, I deal with some extremely high maintenance people and this job makes me seriously dislike most people from my area of Cincinnati. But I have learned to never, ever treat retail people like crap. On the plus side, I really enjoy most of the people I work with and I have made some great friends from this place. Also, I love getting to learn about and try out new hair products and with my incredible discount, I am able to do that often.
  2. In A Conundrum Here....

    [quote name='Tyler' timestamp='1307595455' post='512147'] Totally had water coming out of my nose with the headlocks thing. We should hit up hookah cafe sometime soonish. [/quote] YES!! I am always so late to this thread. Any night this week if you are available!!!
  3. In A Conundrum Here....

    I'm late to this but I say, keep trying to lose weight and eff the people who judge you. Put them all in headlocks. Then be like, "Judge me now, bitch!"
  4. Gypsy Hookah Lounge

    Hahah, I have been to this place WAY too many times in my life. I agree, it is a piece of crap hookah bar. I always think I'm really seeing how much my immune system can take when I go there. For all the times I've been there, you'd think I would have gotten really sick but that hasn't happened yet. Some of the employees are really friendly. Some of them, I am pretty sure, want to kill me. I agree with your advice to stay away from this place, especially if you know anything about hookahs. You'll be disappointed and possibly outraged.
  5. its summer... i have nothing to do... therefore i shop excessively.

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    2. Arcane


      i guess that's better than sitting at home doing nothing...
    3. HookahLover25
    4. Coyote


      same here. I'm about to go on target.com
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  7. back in the usa! not super haMFy to be here. i miss paris!

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  9. tc later tonight anyone? i'm feelin it. around 11 or 12 est?

    1. Tyler


      Welcome back from the dead
  10. Ryan G's Vacation

    Kids are so silly these days!
  11. Happy One Year

    I will do that soon. Spring break is next week so i should have some extra time on my hands.
  12. Happy One Year

    Aw yes, I miss the old crew, didn't really know there was a new one! I mean I know some people disappeared/have joined. And yes I miss your teef a lot.
  13. I miss you guys! I haven't been jailbait for a year now and I'm thinking about how fun it was to get to know you guys, all those times in TC and whatnot. College life has been keeping me busy but I do check this place from time to time. Maybe in the summer I will have more time to chat with you all. Just thought I would say hello and remind everyone that I am still alive!
  14. nick lachey just came into my work and bought hair products from me. heck yeah!

    1. Tyler


      Did you punch him in the vagina?

    2. Arcane


      hey, i remember you...

  15. Car Audio

    Haha, yes, I am alive! And it's a JVC KD-R600.