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  1. KyleTheJustin


    Wouldn't it be too big for your ass? iPhone's smaller, iPad's bigger...iTampon stuff is funny when it works, I guess.
  2. KyleTheJustin

    Opening Up A Hookah Lounge

    First and foremost, what do YOU want out of your lounge? That's very important to start with. On the customer end of the spectrum, make sure you keep something open for everyone, this means music, atmosphere, the whole 9 yards. Cater to what your customers need and want and you'll at the very least be "the place to go." Prices and all that shit will contribute, but others on this forum can contribute to that aspect of your lounge ownership. Think of when you first went to a hookah bar: was that exactly what you wanted? Was the atmosphere and music up to your standards? Was the business consistent?
  3. KyleTheJustin

    Sara Palin

    If she was born in Canada, which is news to me, then that is the only other piece of crap that Canada has turned out aside from Nickleback.
  4. KyleTheJustin

    Sara Palin

    [quote name='johnp' date='28 January 2010 - 11:02 PM' timestamp='1264744967' post='448304'] This topic would be more interesting if more people actually differentiated between the Tina Fey caricature of Sarah Palin on "Saturday Night Live" and Sarah Palin herself. If there is no media bias in favor of the democrat party (the same party that argued to continue segregation in the 60's...yet somehow makes itself out to be the champion of minorities now...) then why did all of the satire mocking President Obama or VP Joe Biden, et al... conveniently wait until after the election? Why do people still seriously bring up the "I can see Russia from my house!" (Tina Fey) in serious discussions about Sarah Palin? At least she doesn't need a teleprompter to speak to fourth graders, knows there aren't 57 states (where's the mockery, hmmm?) and never once suggested that somehow tripling our debt would somehow pay us OUT of debt. Even Pres. Bush didn't try to pull THAT one on us...yet President Obama does EXACTLY that...and gets a pass? PLEASE. Secondly, it's interesting to see people mock FOX news, when based on their statements it is quite obvious they have no idea what the network actually airs. If there is a vast conservative slant to the media, then why is it only FOX news is mentioned? Those of you with Socialist/Communist political leanings (no, I'm not name-calling...look up what those words mean, it might surprise you) have ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, the list goes on...so the math does not support your claim of a lean to the right. FOX is the only network that doesn't toe the party line; doesn't mean their coverage is wrong, only that it doesn't follow your political leanings. Finally, James "Jimmy" Carter, former President of the U.S.....is IMHO a traitor. There, I've said it. He gave away more strategic advantage to our enemies without even a nod to the people, than Benedict Arnold ever did. Panama Canal, China, 100 million dead, red brigades....back room deals....it all runs together somehow.... The fact that he is a racist, anti-semitic traitor is no surprise whatsoever. Of course if you don't read his writings, and ignore what he's actually done or said, he's from most accounts a decent HFH carpenter. At least Benedict Arnold won us some victories before turning traitor. Just my opinion. [/quote] Oh, please and thank you. I've been waiting for this type of argument to come out about President Obama. Let's look at the facts before we start throwing out numbers that your ass (or mine, for that matter) can't cash: President Obama came into office when the United States was at an all-time low. Not since FDR has the United States seen such a shitty economy, and to further place the blame on Obama literally just ignores the clusterfuck that took place before he took office. To keep the argument on the past Retard in Chief as short as possible, look at the bill for the Iraq war and then come back to me and being telling me about the current economic situation. No matter what figures you pull out of your ass, none, and I mean none, will compare to the trillions of dollars wasted on a war that did nothing more than make America look like a bunch of bullying pricks--a task the Obama administration has taken upon themselves to go out and fix, hence the trips to foreign countries to apologize for past idiotic actions. Now let's get on to Sarah Palin. First, I should let you know that I don't identify myself as a democrat by any means. I see both sides of the spectrum as being elitist capitalist that want nothing more than to rule the entire world, so my argument comes from blatant facts that cannot go unnoticed. Now, having said that, let's get back to Mrs. Palin. Sarah Palin, in the simplest way possible, is a plum retard. No evidence will ever be able to sway my opinion from label based on what she broadcasted to the world on a daily basis. Sure, Obama has said some dumb shit, and I'm sure there is much, much more to come, but at least when he speaks to the people of his nation he doesn't seem like a mindless cheerleader that uses the cute card to get out of jail free. That, by no means, is a sexist comment since I think plenty of women are fantastic public speakers--most of them better than men. My argument against Sarah Palin roots itself deep in her inability to communicate and furthermore to think. The only reason she received half of the support she did--and this relates back to the mindlessness that accompanies various forms of news broadcasting--boils down to the right-wing Christian vote that she somehow managed to swing. It's not too difficult to persuade anyone with the "God" option, and Sarah Palin sure as hell gathered all of those individuals who couldn't think for themselves. Case in point, she's a moron. Always has been, always will be, and I'll be damned if I consider myself an American citizen if that kind of blatant stupidity ever makes it into office. There, I didn't refer back to any of her "cute" fallouts on TV. Instead, like most of us have done in this post, I've outlined how completely moronic she really is. Watch any of her interviews and see the hilarity ensue. If lack of intelligence and a cutesie attitude is all that it takes to win the hearts of millions in America,--an idea that shouldn't come as a surprise, since we devote our time to shows like American Idol--then the future of this country looks very bleak and will ultimately fade out rather quickly. And socialist/communist leanings? Suck my balls those fucking stations lean in my fucking direction. That's a disgrace to anyone who considers themself socialist or communist. You, my friend, need to re-read what the hell it means to be a socialist or communist, because clearly your Wikipedia one-time search isn't doing much to support your argument. No news station out there is far enough to the left to consider themselves anywhere remotely close to socialist or communist. That's just a disgusting statement to make. Fox News, on the other hand, does a pretty fantastic job of promoting an very rightist ideology. I can't say I have a problem with it being on TV, since any network should be able to broadcast anything they want. But, believe me, if any news station considered themselves "socialist" or "communist," I guarantee you those asshats at Fox News would throw a fucking fit and do everything in their power to stifle that idea. How do I know this? You support the channel (Fox) and placed fucking ABC and NBC in the realm of socialism and communism. Even if it's "leanings" like you stated, which is, again, horseshit, you are still reinforcing everything that Fox News does right: make stupid comments and presuppose you are correct based on terms you have no familiarity with. Jimmy Carter, well, you guys can fight it out over him.
  5. KyleTheJustin


    I think it's awesome. I don't have an iPhone, so this may be a contributing reason behind my decision. It's sleek and from what little I've heard of about it, it's fast as fuck. If it was given as a gift, I'd put that fucker to use hard.
  6. delSol, you just won a spot in my heart with that comment.

  7. [url="http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-35-Ed-Hardy-1-Hose-HOOKAH-Nagile-Shsha-Pipe-Case_W0QQitemZ350305015873QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_0?hash=item518fce5841"]http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-35-Ed-Hardy-1-Hose-HOOKAH-Nagile-Shsha-Pipe-Case_W0QQitemZ350305015873QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_0?hash=item518fce5841[/url] Pretty cheap, guys. I don't know about you all but those tattoo designs make me wants to spend enough to buy 3 KMs. Who needs quality, right? ...I apologize.
  8. KyleTheJustin

    Show Your Collection Post

    I've noticed a difference when smoking without ice in my KM chiller. It could be completely psychological, but if you leave the ice in there for long enough the stem does get pretty chilled. I always set mine up 5-8 minutes before I start the bowl. Yum yum, gimme some.
  9. KyleTheJustin

    Getting A Hookah Wednesday

    50g samples, my friend. Brands have been mentioned, but it's your taste, not ours!
  10. KyleTheJustin

    Getting Intimate Through Prayer

    Well, since we three are the only ones that have commented on it, I thought we could use a bit of humor to break up the seriousness involved. Maybe that's my form of prayer. Who knows. +1
  11. KyleTheJustin

    Getting Intimate Through Prayer

    lolol. Thank you for proving me wrong.
  12. KyleTheJustin

    Getting Intimate Through Prayer

    You really don't have a joking side, do you?
  13. KyleTheJustin

    Getting Intimate Through Prayer

    You're a...qad...osh...
  14. KyleTheJustin

    New Portable Hookah?

    If you can't wait until you get home to smoke, chances are you need to take a break for a bit.
  15. KyleTheJustin

    Al Waha Flavors

    I'm a pretty big AW fan and I would have to say that out of all the melon shishas I have smoked, AW melon is just bomb. The flavor is strong and comes off a bit sour sometimes, but I dig it. However, the "popular flavors" like After Nine and Bounty are just gross. Maybe try some 50g samples to gauge your taste preference. I've heard a lot of good things about AW's grape. But, yeah, just like any other shisha, there is going to be a significant amount of hit and miss no matter what. 50g samples save lives.